Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bath & Body Works Addicts Anonymous

I have enough Bath & Body Works products stockpiled to last me through the next 4 or 5 decades - maybe even the apocolypse, since I fully intend to survive as long as I have plenty of "I need a Margarita" body wash on hand. 
I. am. an. addict.
The scents are wonderful, and the products are good quality, but that's only a little bit of the reason why I love the stuff so much.  The packaging, the in-store displays, the super attractive and user-friendly online store, the "sales" that often trick buyers into big time overspending, and the cute, sweet, helpful little sales associates all suck me in.  Every single item in the store looks good - good as in I want to eat it, drink it, or sleep with it under my pillow good.  I've tried to cut back on my B&B Works shopping sprees, but when I'm motivated to do so, that freaking "Hello Yellow" semi-annual sale starts - then lasts - for a whole month.  I can't possibly stay away from those great deals!
So, I've fully admitted - I am a "BBWA" - Bath & Body Works Addict.  Are you?
Today, I'm reviewing B&BW's latest Summer signature collection release, Forever Sunshine.
Earlier this week, I walked into the store, where FOrever Sunshine was the feature display.  The scent hit me like a ton of bricks - in a good way.  It smelled familiar. The sales associate squirted a golfball size glob of the Forever Sunshine body lotion into the palm of the my hand, and described the product as "A summer version of Twilight Woods".  Ahhh... that's IT, I thought, Twilight Woods being my favorite B&BW scent.  I grabbed a couple of Forever Sunshine products, along with the 6 for $24 mix & match Wallflower plug ins and fragrance bulbs, used a coupon to get some free stuff, and headed out. I continued to ponder what else was familiar about the new scent all evening, and after processing the fragrance notes for a few more hours, I came to a conclusion.  "Forever Sunshine" is Twilight Woods meets Britney Spears' "Fantasy"! Deeelicious
Whenever I decide to put together a giveaway, you can bet that a Forever Sunshine product will be included.  It is now my #1 favorite B&BW scent - sweet, spicy, floral, and fruity - I LOVE it!
Please, feel free to share your B&BW addiction - I need to know that I am not alone! 

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Claude said...

Hi, I'm here from WW.
I now follow you! You can visit me at:

The Green Eyed Lady Blog said...

Hi my name is Carissa and I am a Bath and Body Works Addict too!!! I love twilight woods, and the new scent also! I love country apple and juniper breeze (only sold during semi annual sale) I have enough to last forever too! But the coupons make you go buy more!!! I have the soap in the bathroom and kitchen...and even at my boyfriends house! I have him hooked on the sugar scrub too!!!

Beth McC. said...

Hello my name is Beth and I am a Bath and Body addict! Somewhere back in myblog I posted pictures of my BIG stash and everyone agreed that I have issues!! I love it and lets be honest I dont think you can ever have enough!!

Bargain Mom said...

I love Bath and Body Works! I was just in their store this past Saturday. I am now following thanks to Welcome Wednesday!

Amy said...

We're getting our first B&BW store here in August and I'm EXCITED!!! I used to spend tons of $$ there every time I went to the US (so unfortunately, only every few years). I cannot wait to be able to go there on my lunch break :D

CJ Sime said...

I sent BBW to the time out corner. Every time I fall in love with a scent they take it away. I still haven't gotten over when they took Breathe Romance away. LAMENTATION!!!! The soap free body wash was the only "soap" that didn't dry out my skin. And the smell?! It was elegantly divine. And they took it away. JERKS!!!

But I still manage to visit once a month in hopes they will apologize and make it up to me. :o)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I use to have a major addiction to B&B. Recently I haven't been there (ok I cheated and went when the sale was going on). My favorite scents are Twilight Woods and Sunset Amber.

Sharper said...

I used to be a super Bath & Body Works Addict up until a year ago. I ended up really over spending every time I walked in there. I would get that evil email telling me what is on sale or announcing new products and it would lure me back into the store. Once I get there, I learn there are more sales that I cannot live without! Before I know it, I'm in line with 4 bottles of lotion, 6 bottles of antibacterial hand wash, 3 boxes of home fragrance plug in refills, and some aromatherapy oil. I'm like..."do I really need all of this stuff?" All of the bottles of lotion are all halfway full because I really don't put on body lotion everyday. But for some reason, I kept buying lotion because it smells so good. It was getting to the point where I was reducing my spending on food and clothes, so that I could have some awesome body wash.

But $8 for some body wash when walmart has some great smelling body wash for $2. Then I decided to chain myself to the house because I was NOT going back to B&BW. I had to break my addiction. But I keep getting those damn emails, even after requesting to be removed. And every time an email pops up, I have to open and look to see what is on sale.

I saw that the forever sunshine was available and my mind keeps wondering to what it must smell like. I keep imagining sunflowers or something like that. Or maybe it smells kind of like sun tan coconutty-limey lotion that would remind you of the pool or the beach. I REALLY want to go in and just check it out. I really need some new perfume. But I know I'll just end up buying a ton of stuff. I'm trying so hard to stay away. Once I go in, I'll be back.

BTW - I saw a big online sale email this morning on the Wexler brand facial lotions and serums. Have you tried it before? It's really expensive, but I wonder how well it works.

Surely there is a support group for that addiction, right?

Whoever does their marketing, is really good at what they do!

Marianne (aka Lucy's Human) said...

You have a beautiful blog!- I'm sure I'll be checking in a lot! We're from Welcome Wednesday & your newest follower. We would love it if you came over and checked us out!

Anonymous said...

Hey there!! I LOVE your blog!! Its soooo cute and I'm a big etsy fan! I'll definitely be checkin out your shop!! :)


Amber said...

I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday! :) Love the blog.
I'm in need of a B&BW Anonymous meeting as well! I'm addicted to it, and like you said, the sales are what getcha! My boyfriend's mom also buys me tons from there when she goes. I think I have enough to bathe an entire country! :)

HoosierFarmBabe said...

I am now following you from Welcome Wednesday! Come by and visit me at

Tooje said...

If I allowed myself to go into the store, I would probably have some issues myself. I have very good self-control when it comes to shopping, essential when you have zero money. LOL I learned this trait a long time ago. But when you mention air freshener plug ins...hmm....I might have to make a trip to the mall.

Dang it.

Happy Wednesday - I'm blog hopping!

WhitneyB99 said...

Hey, I love your blog!! I'm your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I was just in Bath and Body Works recently and I fell in love with Forever Sunshine. Soooo goood!

Brittany Ann said...

I have to admit, I adore Forever Sunshine, too! Delish!

I am a recovering B&BW addict, but then I moved to South Carolina, and here, we have...get this...a Bath and Body Works outlet!

Be still my addict's heart!

Tara said...

You have such a fun blog! :) I'm now following you from Welcome Wednesday and would love for you to follow back at!

Sharper said...

Brittany Ann - A B&B Works Outlet??!!! OMG!

Katina said...

I love BBW too! Love to keep the soaps in all my bathrooms!!! I will have to try the new fragrance!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am spending my rent on bath and body works. My kids have to use their homework as toilet paper. Their teachers are starting to notice. I dont even like candles but they smell so yummy. I hate body wash because you cant even smell it after you shower. BUT I HAVE 46 BOTTLES. please help. I cant control this. every time i catch of a whiff of that god forsaken sweet heaven i cant control myself. I have to go in. The worst is online.. everything looks so colorful. Please help. I need a support group or something.