Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 Things that make me Smile - Writer's Workshop

Time for some Mama Kat!  Her writing prompts were awesome this week - I nearly chose more than just one!

List of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face
when you're not happy:

  1. My husband! He has a terrific sense of humor (and surprisingly, doesn't make me unhappy - like - EVER.  Well, except for when he tells me all about Karl Marx' skin boils, and other Marxist facts from his dissertation research.)
  2. Diego.  My housecat is the biggest, prettiest yellow tabby tomcat with an even bigger personality - and the cutest little boy cat face ever! I can't help but smile when he looks up with his big golden eyes and "meeps" at me.
  3. Chocolate.  The more the better, please! When I'm upset, i prefer it in the form of something ooey-gooey and packed with calories (Applebees' Triple Chocolate Meltdown, Cold Stone Creamery "chocolate devotion", warm chocolate chip cookies.) Chocolate. Fixes. Everything.
  4. The Office - Every single episode cracks me up! However, Steve Carrell's departure after Season 7 puts a big frown on my face.
  5. Sports.  Football, Basketball, Baseball, the Olympics... I generally enjoy it all! I love football season the most, and love attending sporting events of all types - except the ones when Marshall is losing! (I love my Thundering Herd!)
  6. Anything Green! Adding to #5 above, I love green. I became obsessed with it while a student @ Marshall University.  Any shade'll do - I even love pea green! Forest Green, Kelly Green, Lime Green... Just give me something green and I'll be your friend forever.
  7. Christmas.  The smells, the decorations, the music... if it's Christmas related, I'm one happy woman!  I love the smell of a cinnamon candle burning during the holiday season - while drinking hot chocolate and plotting gift lists, addressing greeting cards, and listening to Michael buble' croon "Let it snow" in the background. Yep, I'm smiling just thinking about it!
  8. My mom's cooking - I don't have it very often nowadays, but her cooking is amazing.  She's Paula Dean - seriously, anything from a simple grilled cheese or hamburger to Thanksgiving dinner is SO comforting and good.  She always uses real butter and real sugar, and cooks with a whole lotta love.
  9. New Projects! I love brainstorming and coming up with new ideas.  Browsing online, in catalogs, and in magazines for new home decor trends and pretty patterns is just the beginning - I start smiling really big once i've been inspired, and then the real fun begins - I start creating! *SMILE*!
  10. Reading blogs (of course!) All of my favorite bloggers always make me smile.  Blogs are so fun, creative, inspiring, and full of life - I'm so glad I found my way into this world!
There you have it!  10 things guaranteed to make me smile when Mr. sad face is around.
Visit Mama Kat and join in the fun of Writer's Workshop - work on your post today, link up tomorrow! 

Mama's Losin' It


ECLIPSE is SoooOoooo Soooo GOOD!
I went to the midnight showing and as expected, it was total madness - and for good reason.  What most fans call the "best book" is also the "best movie" - in my opinion - so far!  I hope everyone who goes out to see it enjoys it as much as I did!  Even my husband liked it! (Or... did he like the several close-up shots of Bella's face? ...Who keeps getting prettier and prettier with each movie.) 
It was so great, I wanna run out and watch it again... it will be a lonnnng wait for the DVD to come out (which I'm assuming will be around the holidays.)  It's also going to be a long wait for Breaking Dawn.  I'm just going to try and enjoy Eclipse for now!  Which, by the way, has a super awesome soundtrack - be sure to check it out!

Also, I'm participating in Welcome Wednesday, hosted @Take it From Me - trying to grow my following (which is a little like building a newborn vampire army... bad Eclipse joke, sorry!)
Head on over there to play along! 

Happy Hump (and Eclipse) Day!

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Journal Entry

"This is private, not to be shared."
      A while back, I attended a friend's shower and was lucky enough to win a door prize! My prize was a cute new stationery set that included a floral-printed ink pen, notepad with matching clipboard, and a journal, all cased inside a beautiful box.  When I returned home later in the evening, I decided to check out my prize.  I opened the journal and flipped through the pages, just to see what the writing paper looked like (it had lines! YAY!)
     As I flipped through the journal, someone's cursive handwriting caught my eye! I thumbed back through the pages until I found what happened to be a lone, 3-page anonymous journal entry which could have been written by a male or female. The opening line read,"This is private, not to be shared".  'Private' my Arse! Not anymore! Although I had a slight feeling of guilt and wondered who in the world contributed the super-cute-but-apparently-used-door-prize, I couldn't help but to continue reading.

Some excerpts:
* "At the end of the day we are alone! That has pretty much been it for me.  A lovely friend once told me that it might indeed be my lot in life.  At the time, I didn't understand.  Now I do"... 
* "Thanks to the Dr., I learned that it was ok to make mistakes.  The key is to learn from the mistakes.  I was always so hard on myself and demanded no less than perfection of myself. Thank you Dr. H. for helping me come to know that I'm a F.H.B. (Fallible Human Being.)  I remain one to this day!"...
* "After these many years post-Dr. H., I began replaying the tapes"...
* "It brings back thoughts and feelings, and I think I'm good to go now and be brave enough to explore.  My life is good.  I am not unhappy.  Who can say that?"...
* "When the temptation starts, I re-focus and re-frame, as I was taught by someone wise.  It works!"

     So it's clear that this person has been/is counseled in some way - not sure if it's mental health issues, addiction, or a combination of both.  I'm also not sure I buy this person's new found confidence.  Especially since there was only one journal entry in an otherwise blank journal!  Apparently the journaling did not work out too well... and was tossed to the side.  And put back with the rest of the seemingly unused stationery set.  And somehow found its' way to a party, as a door prize, and later landing in my lucky, prize-winning hands.  Wow! What are the odds?!?
     I hope whoever this person is (or was?) lives a happy life now, and got the help he/she needed.
     What do you think of this person's journal entry? Have you ever kept a handwritten journal in an attempt to deal with a specific problem or issue (I have... back when I was a teen, stupid BOYS!)  Why did this person stop writing?

Thanks for stopping by! 

I also need to add that I am participating in Tuesday Following over @Kelly's Avenue.  Visit her to find out how to play along!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekend Review

This past weekend:

My mom and step-dad came to Athens for a little visit!
We did a little eating out, browsed the farmer's market, enjoyed some downtime just hanging around and chatting, and of course, mom and I hit up and tore up the B&B Works Sale! We had a great time, and this will probably be one of the last times they come to visit Athens, since we will be moving sometime next Spring.

I listed a couple of new items on Etsy!
 I feel like I'm getting better and better at this sign painting thing.  Taylor Swift inspired one, while the other just came straight from my creative little mind (and green is my favorite color.)
P.S. - I sold my first item! Hot Dog!!! It's so nice to know that others enjoy my creations - that's what makes it all worthwhile. (Thanks to the buyer - you're a wonderful little woman!)

I'm currently brainstorming for some ideas that aren't wooden signs, but would be a fun, nice addition to my shop.  I'm headed toward paper products, specifically stationary/greeting cards and chick friendly art prints.  Any suggestions?

Other Tidbits:
  • I watched Dear John for the first time since seeing it in theaters - and this time, I teared up way more, almost as much as when I read the book. AND, I was ironing while watching! (maybe the ironing is why i cried so much...)  Am I the only one that is more saddened by Mr. Tyree's character (John's father) than the actual love story between John and Savannah?  Richard Jenkins did an amazing job as Mr. Tyree.
  • My iPhone is doing exceptionally well.  Just thought I would update you on that.  I think i'm going to give it a name - after all, it's kinda like my new best friend!  I will happily take name suggestions.
  • I'm enjoying every second of the cheerful, cute, and stylish "Shoe Addicts Anonymous" - and, considering I found it on the bargain shelf at Borders, I'm extremely satisfied :)  I think I want to try out some Sophie Kinsella... I know that when I do, I will never look back!  Which Sophie book should I read first?

I hope you had a great weekend, too!  Happy MONDAY (seriously!)

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting to know me Sunday :)

1.If you had 5000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you have done?
Nose.  Definitely the nose! It currently has its own zip code!!!

2. Do you watch Soap operas and if so what is your favorite and why?
No to the soap operas - although, I do remember getting home from grade school just in time to catch Kelly Ripa in her younger days, on All My Children. I loved her!
3. Favorite clothing brand?
I love Gap :)  Anything and everything GAP!  
4. An afternoon shopping spree at your favorite store or maid service for a year?
Shopping Spree!  to Crate & Barrel, PLEASE!
5. would you ever vajazzle?
I had to google this - all I can say is, "WOW?!?!?!?"  Had NO idea this was a trend. Kinda like Bedazzle... for your... ahem... Ya know.  How FUNNY!

6. Favorite Disney Princess?
Cinderella :)  Such a sweet, classic story!

7. Last movie that made you bawl your eyes out?
The Last Song

8. Have you ever broken any bones and if so what?
I've never broken a bone!  Now I need some wood to knock on!!!
Link up @ Mannland5 to play along!

Getting to know YOU

*Have a great Sunday!*

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Simple Saturday

I love simple Saturdays .

Especially ones that start like this:

(a Marshall Bowl full of Chocolate Cheerios)

My mom and step-dad are in town; we're going to head out to OU's Campus for a little stroll, then to the Farmer's Market and lunch before they return to WV this afternoon. 
My husband and I are going to spend the remainder of the day by the pool, where I'll have my nose stuck in "Shoe Addicts Anonymous" for a little while - I might take some time to sketch a little bit, and maybe plot out my next blog. I also need to sort through all of the Goodies I bought at the B&B Works Semi-Annual Sale (mom and I went CRAZY in there this evening!) 

simple Saturdays . No trips, no chores, just a few "little things" that make the day perfect! I hope you all have a *simply* wonderful day!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Free-write (No.6) and Music Video Flashback

Wow! Friday again already?!?  NICE!
I have quite a few random things on my mind:

The NBA Draft was pretty interesting last night - if you know me, you know I love me some SPORTS! Patrick Patterson (University of Kentucky), from Huntington WV, was drafted 14th overall by the Houston Rockets and will play alongside Yao Ming.  I watched both him and O.J. Mayo play for Huntington High in the WV State Basketball Championship a few years ago - it was their senior year, the Civic Center was sold out, and they played an amazing game.  Everyone in the building knew both of them would become NBA superstars.  It's so great to see that it's worked out for both WV boys!  Marshall University's Hassan Whiteside, one of the leading shot-blockers in the NCAA in 2009-10, was drafted in the 2nd round, 33rd overall, by the Sacremento Kings.  Whiteside is super young (19) and probably not as mature as he needs to be for the NBA right at this point, but he will get there - I'm sure his game will improve immensely with experience.  I traveled to Huntington and watched the Herd this past winter, and you could tell that Whiteside was a giant - but a little less mature than the older players. Anyhoo, I can't wait to follow both Patterson and Whiteside in the NBA next season - Anyone from WV or Marshall University is near and dear to my heart!

My Mommy and Step-dad are coming to visit today thru tomorrow!  We're doing the typical family visit things - dinner out, maybe some tasty dessert or a good coffee somewhere, trotting around Ohio U's campus, taking pictures, then hitting up the Farmer's Market tomorrow.  Mom and I are also heading to the big Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale - i've been holding off for her visit! 

I finally joined the 21st century and got a new phone this week.  I chose the Iphone, because every other Apple product i have is totally awesome and hasn't failed me one time.  Seriously, folks - I'm overwhelmed!  I went from this (go ahead and giggle!):
to this:

Which is quite a JUMP!  I didn't have a transition phone - you know, to baby step my way from the most basic flip phone that weighs 14 pounds to one of the top smart phones on the market - so you can imagine my excitement (and current state of feeling overwhelmed!)  I feel like I have POWER with this thing - It's amazing! haha 

Finally, a note on Eminem's new album (which sort of goes hand in hand with my video flashback.) Recovery, which was released on Monday, is super serious and in my opinion, some of his best music. There is a track on Recovery that everyone is RAAAVING about - it is called "No Love", featuring Lil' Wayne - and contains a sample of an older Dance/techno song from the early 90's (I'm talkin' Dance mix USA)  that I'm betting most of Eminem's younger fans have never heard.  For those of you who've heard this particular song (school dances and John Garobedian's Open House Party in the early-mid 1990's), you should enjoy this trip back in time. For those youngins who are loving this song and are wondering "who came UP with that awesome hook?" I present to you, "What is Love" by Haddaway (Aka the "Night at the Roxbury" song.)  Break out your cotton stirrup leggings and slouchy socks, because Here. We. GO!:

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Friday Five - Random Questions

Once again, I'm participating in Beth's Friday Five (I just l-u-v her themes!) and this week, she's asking 5 random questions, the sneaky little thing! 

1. If given the choice to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?
I actually wouldn't sleep in - I would get up early, get my workout over with so i wouldn't feel guilty for the enormous amounts of chocolate I consume throughout the day. If my day off was a hot, sunny summer day, I would spend a couple of hours baking myself by the pool (with sunblock on, of course), swim around a little, then retreat to the cool apartment.  There, I would snuggle up in some of those cute cropped Victoria's Secret PINK sweats and a collegiate tee (I own 400 of every team), read a good book, nap a little, eat a little chocolate, cuddle with my kitty, and watch a good chick flick.  This is assuming my husband isn't home - if he is, all the same stuff, minus the chick flick - Maybe. 

2. If you could start fresh, which profession would you choose?
Funny how I'm pondering this very thing day in day out - I actually hate what I chose as a college major. I am proud of my degree because it took some seriously hard work to earn, but I wish that I could go back and study something I actually had a serious interest in and was good at: graphic design, print journalism, maybe an art education, or, oddly enough, a sociology major.  maybe eventually a sociology scholar. "Why did you choose your major if you hated it so much?", you ask?  Simple.  What I thought i wanted at 18 was not what i wanted at age 21, when it was too late to change my major. 

3. What is your favorite candy or candy bar?
m&ms - 'nuff said

4. Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial or bought an "as seen on TV" item? Plenty of times - most recently, mom bought me the SHARK handheld steam cleaner as a Christmas present, which totally rocks.  I LOVE it, and love sharking all over the apartment.  The cat is a little scared of it, though :)

5. What's the movie you always cry at?
I graduated from Marshall University, can you guess?
WE ARE MARSHALL - guaranteed tear jerker, every single time I watch it. 

So there you have it - five random things about me. 
Hop on over to Beth's and have some of your own Friday Fun!
Just Me and My Life

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Special Message for my Readers

I would like to say "thanks" to all of my readers: my blog followers, and those who stop by to read but aren’t bloggers themselves. I really super duper appreciate your interest!
If you’re stopping in today, please take some time to leave a comment with this post. I always love to know who’s reading, and what they’re thinking (the good, the bad, I’ll take it all!) I know I have tons of readers who aren’t bloggers themselves, and that’s perfectly fine – those of you who are visiting from Facebook can comment on my posts, too! I love your company just as much.

I love love LOVE new followers – I enjoy getting to know each of you, and your blogs are always entertaining. Go ahead… click “FOLLOW”! I promise I’ll provide you with some type of post at least a few days per week. If nothing else, my posts will always be “pretty”. Maybe not entertaining or up your alley, but pretty. But Pretty IS important, right?

Finally, to those who are thinking about starting your own blog, but are a little apprehensive about taking the leap: JUST DO IT.
I put myself out there for the world to get to know every single day – I have no shame (though I probably should at times) and I love to share. I have a huge creative outlet that could be detrimental to my health if I don’t utilize it – and that’s where my blog comes in. I feel there’s no sense in hiding – be who you are, and blog about something you love! Set aside a special time to prep each day – and enjoy. You don’t have to be the best writer, super tech savvy, or crazy creative – just go with it. It’s been great fun for me, and I’ve only been at it for three months!

Again, thanks for stopping by – and don’t forget to leave a comment! I know where you’re visiting from, thanks to my Feedjit Widget, and sometimes I can make a guess as to who you are, but make it easy for me, will ya? Leave me some LOVE! (I'm begging you!)

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Theater Thursday!

I decided to join in on the Theater Thursday fun w/my fellow Marshall pal and blogging gal, Jennifer @ Crazy Shenanigans!
Her only rule is that movies must be out on DVD and not currently playing in theaters.

After careful consideration (because I'm crappy at movie reviews and this may be one of the few times i join in), the movie I chose is The Secret Lives of Dentists.

Released in 2003, the Secret Lives of Dentists stars Hope Davis (as Dana), Campbell Scott (as David), and Denis Leary (as Slater).  David and Dana are a husband/wife dentist team and manage their own practice.  They have three young daughters, and seem to be living the American Dream.  However, David's suspicions that Dana is having an affair begin to take hold of his mental state, and that is where Slater - a prickish patient of David's - takes over.  Slater becomes David's alter ego as David tries to figure out how to handle the situation with his wife. With three bratty but cute kids and the flu taking over David & Dana's household, things eventually come to a breaking point.  

I found this movie randomly, as I was flipping through movie channels during Spring break back in 2005. It is the perfect example of a Dramedy - I laugh throughout the movie, but part of me aches a little for the David/Dana/Dentist family. It's the perfect movie to enjoy on a lazy Summer afternoon when it's just too hot to go outside.  Check it out!

If you want to join in on the fun, blog about a movie, visit Crazy Shenanigans, and link up!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear Chocolate

It's Wednesday!  Which means... it's time for some Mama Kat Writing Prompts! I've selected the following topic from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop

"Write a letter to whatever is stopping you from losing the extra weight you'd like to lose."

After crap-tons of hard work, I'm in pretty good shape - but the one thing that has always kept me a little "soft" is sugary treats.  And my favorite sugary treat is (you probably guessed it): chocolate

Dear Chocolate:
     You have a special place in my tummy... that little pouch I've had underneath my belly button nearly my entire life is for you and only you. 
     Chocolate, you are what's been keeping me from having the perfect stomach for years.  You in your many forms... completely destroying any progress I make at the gym.  I try to sweat all of you out but I take you back at the end of the day - most recently in the form of those new Cheerios or lovely little Dove pieces.  
     I fell in love with you as I grew in mom's womb - her cravings of chocolate mini donuts with chocolate milk sealed my fate.  I'm just going to have to accept that your extra baggage is never going away.  I have to have you - loving you is dangerous, but I can't resist your m&ms, your Applebees Triple Chocolate Meltdown, your Ben & Jerry's Fudge Brownie Ice Cream, your Starbucks Iced Mochas... you make life so much better.  I will continue to try and get rid of you each day that I spend with the Arc Trainer and the Elliptical Machine, but I know that we'll keep crawling back to each other no matter what happens.  One thing is for sure - you will always have a special place in my chocolate pouch.

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Wishful Wednesday

This week, I'm hopping on the Wishful Wednesday bandwagon over @TheSeattleSmiths.

Kelsey's wishful writing prompt is:

'I wish'... I hadn't lost _____!!!

I wish I hadn't lost the horsehoe necklace my husband bought me for an anniversary gift a few years ago.  It was white gold, a tiny little diamond horseshoe, and I loved it so much!  I'm pretty sure it is laying around the streets of Columbus, Ohio somewhere - well, probably not anymore, as I'm sure a crack dealer has gotten ahold of it and sold it by now. I noticed the necklace was missing from around my neck after my husband and I got home from a day trip to Columbus with a friend.  This particular friend keeps his car very clean, so I know it's not stuck in the seat somewhere - nope, I believe the necklace got wrapped up with my scarf and probably just fell off as we trotted up and down High Street and OSU's campus all day long.  I still look for it - everytime I move a piece of furniture that i haven't cleaned behind for a while, I have hope that it will magically appear.  No such luck yet - but we will be moving out of our apartment in a year or so, which causes me to hold out some hope on finding my horseshoe underneath the bed.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Commercial that made me Cry

While getting ready for work this morning, I saw a commercial on the television that actually brought tears to my eyes (no, it wasn't the Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA one - which has made me cry on several occasions).  I had no idea that Dawn dishwashing liquid was used to wash wildlife affected by the oil spill, but it makes sense - Dawn is gentle and cuts grease. Dawn has started a new campaign to benefit the wildlife being pulled from the gulf, covered in that grotesque, nasty and deadly oil.  The advertisement shows various animals covered in gook being washed with dishwashing liquid, and I swear, i almost completely started bawling when I saw the precious little things being rinsed clean - their sparkling, happy little eyes brought tears to my own.  I'm way more aware of rhetoric and how all of the different components of an advertisement are used to persuade an audience - thanks to my husband who is a few short months away from being a doctor in Comp/Rhet - so I'm always watching commercials with a critical eye.  However... this one GOT me. I'm a faithful Dawn Direct Foam user, because after all, "one pump and the dishes are done".  This product, along with the original bottles of Dawn dishwashing liquid, are part of Dawn's saving wildlife campaign.  Buy a bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid, visit Dawn's website, activate the $1 donation code printed on the back of the bottle, and feel a little bit better about yourself for helping wildlife affected by the Gulf oil spill.  Just look for the bottles with the adorable ocean critters on the front. 

I don't claim to be a super duper animal rights activist - however, It does break my heart to hear of or see animals that are being abused, neglected, or endangered in some way.  I actually try not to think about it, because it would totally depress me. 

The situation in the Gulf is particularly troubling, and I hope, along with everyone else, that it gets resolved as soon as humanly possible. 

Now get out there and buy your bottle of Dawn.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

So Many Great Fathers

There are so many great fathers out there.  I'm lucky enough to have / had three great fathers in my life:

Dad.  He was always on my side, always backing me up because I was the baby of the family, and he is the reason I am as creative as I am - because he was always encouraging me.  I'm pretty sure he thought I was the best artist ever - at least he made me feel like it.
He was very proud of my brother and I, and I know he still would be now, more so than ever.  He had a funny sense of humor and was a great friend to a lot of people.  He was my biggest fan, whether I was drawing, playing sports, or playing in the band.  He left this world right as I was getting ready to accomplish some of the biggest things in my life, but I've kept him close to my heart - I've dragged him through everything i've been doing during the past 8 years, and I'll continue to do that in the future because he is Always In My Thoughts

 Dad, in high school - my favorite photo :)

I have the most awesome father-in-law ever. He's so generous and helpful, loves to take care of others, and is there for so many people.  He has made such a huge impact on so many kids' lives as a boxing coach, and never quits giving.  He's inspirational and super hard-working, and wants nothing but the best for those he loves (which is a lot of folks - he has a huge heart.)  

My father in law & I, on the NJ side of the Hudson River

My step-dad is one of the nicest people on the planet earth - so calm and cool, and pleasant to be around.  He's a friendly guy who for years has treated me like his very own daughter, and he's super great to the rest of my family, too.  I couldn't ask for a better step-dad.  I especially love that he loves college football!  He's proof that even when life seems unfair or a little out of place, things turn out fine in the end. 

My step-dad at my wedding (2006) 

Three awesome fathers - so many great fathers out there, but these are the top three that I know!

Happy Father's Day - make sure to take some time out to thank all of the fathers that have made a positive impact on your life! :)

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

M&M themed bathroom?!? And a visit from the in-laws

I've been up and stirring since 6 am, getting things ready for a short visit from the in-laws and grandparents. I always get a little anxious/nervous, because this only happens once a year - if it was more often, I probably wouldn't get antsy, but here I am, a little jittery and trying to stomach a bowl of Strawberries & Cream oatmeal.  It's supposed to be like the hottest day of the century, and we're taking grandma and grandpa on a mini-tour of Ohio University's campus because they've never been. Note to self: take some bottled water!

While browsing my favorite junk catalog, ABC DIstributing "Harvest 2010", I came across something really amazing, really childish, but Oh-My-Gosh I am SO in love:

Eh... it doesn't need a description.  My favorite part has to be the rug, and the shower curtain hooks - only, I wish the rug was GREEN!  If it was, I would be getting it at least.  Instead, I'll just stare at its' page in the catalog for a couple of days.  What's weird is, it's totally not my style - I love more modern, clean looks.  This is one of those times where I wish I had an extra bathroom and a kid, so I could pretend like "it's Stephanie Jr's Idea"...  

You can read more about my m&m addiction here.

I hope everyone has a super Saturday - I know I will.  I love the fam - I'm lucky to have such terrific in-laws! 

I'll be back tomorrow with a short recap.  Until then, have a fantastic weekend, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

"Friday Five" - Steph's 5 Favorite Songs EVER

Today, I'm playing along with Beth over @ Just Me and My Life - here are my top five favorite songs EVER - the songs that inspire me the most and always make me feel "music happy" (in no particular order, because all are equally awesome):

Bright Lights (More Than You Think You Are)- MB20
This album was released in fall 2002 - my freshman year in College, and my first year living away from home, in the city of Huntington.  It sort of "spoke" to me in a way - I would also have to say that this album is my absolute favorite album of any artist - of all time :)

Always Be My Baby (Daydream)- Mariah Carey
Oh, the days of being a pre-teen... when I started discovering boys, Mariah was always there to explain everything about love.  I think this is one of the sweetest, cutest girly songs ever - and I loved when David Cook performed a cover of it on American Idol.

Spaceship (College Dropout) - Kanye West
"I've been workin' this graveshift, and I ain't made Sh*!,
I wish I could buy me a spaceship and fly... past the sky"
- Story of my life when it comes to being employed.  Isn't it everyone's? 

Rhythm Nation (Rhythm Nation 1814) - Janet Jackson
I was super young when I first heard this song - it opened my eyes up to the realities of the world we live in today, as well thinking critically about racial prejudice and being socially aware. I knew at a very young age that it wasn't right to be a close-minded.  Thank you, Miss Janet.

Ants Marching (Under the Table and Dreaming) - Dave Matthews Band
Who doesn't want to just get up, get happy, and dance around when this is played? 
It's my favorite DMB song of all time - since the age of 12.

And there you have it!  My favorite songs ever, included on almost all of my Ipod playlists - even if they don't match the playlist theme.  My must haves.  My forever loves.  My five favorite songs ever...

Many thanks to Beth - feel free to check out her blog and participate in Friday Five!

Just Me and My Life

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