Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When a Man Loves a Woman...

So, I watched the big Dancing with the Stars cast reveal on ABC last night.  If you're reading this and you watched it because you can't wait to watch C & D list celebrities cut a major rug this fall, too, then you may have (ok - probably did) crack up when Michael Bolton's name was announced. 

I squealed with delight!

Now it's time, fellow bloggers, that I reveal an embarrassing fact about myself - one of my very first musical loves.  And believe me, I'm laughing with you (a little.) I just couldn't help myself at the age of 9!

Strangely, I still can't help myself at the age of 26.

I have Michael's entire music collection on my Ipod, including his Christmas songs, live albums, and Sinatra covers. I do not skip the Christmas songs when the Ipod's on shuffle.

My mom and I both love MB, and will be cheering and voting for him no matter how crappy he performs on DWTS - but something tells me that this classy dude of a man is going to knock 'em dead!

I mean, come ON - 

how can you not vote for that?!?

One thing's for sure - I will be skipping a lot of Monday Night Football for this guy.  Yep, that's right - when I'm not watching football, basketball, or baseball, I'm listening to MICHAEL! And I'm willing to ditch Tom Brady for him - that really says something! (Not sure what... but definitely something.)

Please - I beg you - be gentle with your comments! LOLLLL
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Play until the whistle blows!

3 days.
I will be excited - and nervous.  
I will  be wasting my agency's money by surfing the web for the latest college football stories during office hours.
I will be nervously toying with my green and white football charm bracelet.
I will be wearing a collegiate tee with a black blazer, black dress pants, and heels.
I will be holding on to some kind of hope that my team, the Marshall Thundering Herd, can "play until the whistle blows" and avoid the embarrassment that the opposing team could possibly serve them - but, I have a feeling, it's not going to be as big of a beating as some of my Ohio friends suspect.
I will hope that grandpa Lou Holtz has something nice to say about the Herd, a young team with a brand new coach and a brand new outlook.
I will be defending my team to no end, as Ohio State fans badger me with ignorant, bold and disrespectful comments at the office (I'm exaggerating here - really, they're nice people.)
I will hold my head up high, because even though the Buckeyes are one of the strongest powerhouses of this college football nation, my Herd has soul, respect, and gorgeous kelly green uniforms. And awesome fans, like me.

Thursday, September 2nd, 7:30 pm

Say a prayer for me on Thursday night, will you? (At least I will be noshing on good food.)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bath and Body Works Addicts Anonymous (Meeting #3)

It's Friday afternoon. I leave work, my husband and I go to Applebees for a late lunch, and then he says "I'm not ready to go home yet - let's run around."  I say, "if we're running around, then I'm running to Bath and Body Works - I've got a 20% off total purchase coupon (Coupin!) and a free travel-size product with any purchase offer, burning a hole right through my cheap kelly green vinyl wallet."

Next, Dark Kiss happens.

YUM.  The newest BBW Signature Collection fragrance is super sweet, intense, a little musky, and super sexy. A mixture of Twilight Woods, Midnight Pomegranate, and Black Amethyst, it's the perfect recipe for cool fall days and date nights!  The scent lingers, too - I can smell it on the couch throw pillows, blankets i've been curling up with in the evenings, and my bedding - and that's just from the trial size body lotion I used during the past two weeks! 

I'm still using the remnants of Forever Sunshine which I completely still think is the best scent ever (along with Twilight Woods, of course), so I purchased the full size Dark Kiss shower gel, body lotion, and body spray for my "travel beauty booty" bag.  It's a nice start to my travel beauty case, which is going to be an expensive task - as some of my readers may remember, I'm building a collection of all of my favorite health & beauty aid/makeup must-haves in full sizes for travel purposes only, because I have major problems forgetting items when I go somewhere, and I can't keep up with re-stocking too-small travel-sized products.  Now that I have Dark Kiss waiting in the travel bag, I can't flipping wait to go somewhere! Let's go!

If you're looking for a new fall scent, this may be the one to try just because I said so.  It definitely has nosehair-burning potential, so if you're not used to strong, spicy and sweet, I suggest starting gradual - like with a travel-size body spray, to see if you like it. The new scent is also sold in the form of small candles and Wallflower bulbs, so if it doesn't wear well on your skin (after all, everybody carries scents differently), then give it a try in the home! Or just buy some for the sake of spending $$$ (since we all have extra dough laying around, HA) and mail it to Stephanie Snyder in Athens, Ohio.

P.S. Bath & Body Works/Limited Brands does not compensate me in any way for writing these rockin' reviews - although, they totally should.  So i can use the money to go buy more of their stuff. I've contacted them regarding this issue, but no word yet!  They probably just think I'm a wishful thinking loser high on Japanese Cherry Blossom Anti-bac gel.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Random Questions @ Friday Fives!

(Need I say more?)

Actually, yes - I do need to say more.  Because it's time for some random Q&A, by Beth McC!

Something you're OCD about:
Making sure the door is locked when I leave the apartment!  Before I walk away from my apartment, I check the knob several times.  I'm not at the point where I actually need to count how many times i attempt to twist the knob and check if it's secure, but I'm getting there! It really makes going somewhere a major pain in the arse - seriously, if i could get over this, I would be out the door and in my car at least 2 minutes faster.

Your favorite quote:
Grandpa Lou Holtz all the way! "Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it." I blogged about it here!

What is the farthest you've been from home?
I have yet to venture across the big blue sea, so Las Vegas it is!  I went on my honeymoon a few years ago. I was far from "home" physically, but I felt at home there - such an amazing place! No matter who you are, you feel like a rock star.  Amazing!

Do you do a real or fake Christmas tree?
Fake for now - and probably forever.  I have way too many ornaments to mess with trying to find a real tree with enough tips.  Several of my ornaments are extremely heavy.  Ornaments, ornaments, ornaments.  I am a Christmas nut!  As it gets closer to tissing the season, you will learn more about my Christmas decoration obsession! (Each year, I put my fake tree up the first weekend of November - a birthday present to myself!)

First blog you ever read?
Crazy Shenanigans!  Jennifer's blog was my inspiration, my reason for starting a life in blog land.  She and I both graduated from Marshall University in 2006 with degrees in criminal justice, so I knew her before well before I began blogging.  She kind of held my hand, told me it would be OK, and helped me set up the whole she-bang. 
Jmo blogs about her traveling adventures, good times with friends, movies and books, and the totally random crazy things that tend to occur in her life.  Be sure to visit Crazy Shenanigans as you leave! (And thanks, Jennifer!)

Visit Beth @ Just Me and My Life to play along with her weekly Friday 5's!
Have a great Friday, friends!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dress you up in my Love!

This is how I eat Dove Chocolates:
~I curl up on the couch.
~I get a good magazine or catalog to look at.
~I eat the chocolates one by one, reading the quotes inside the wrappers as I chew.
~I flatten the wrappers out and toss them into a pile on the coffee table. 
~I save the really good quotes by tucking the little wrappers inside photo albums,  catalogs, or notebooks that are laying onor inside the coffee table (they're extra fun to find and read later!)
~Sometimes, I find a great quote that is super inspiring and "hits the spot". When this happens, I blog about it!

Lately, I've had new fall clothes on the mind - more specifically, dresses and skirts.  I'm typically not a "dress/skirt kinda girl", but rather a *cute-heels-with-jeans-and-a-blazer kind of woman*.  This year, however, I am loving almost every fall dress I see. 

As I was eating my Dove dark chocolates, I came across this quote:

So today, I'm sharing what my idea of a perfect dress is - for me, the dress/skirt newbie! 
P.S. This is my first fashion-inspired post! Go me!

{tuxedo dress, J.Crew; ruffled plaid dress, Anthropologie}

I love Pam from the office and all, but her wardrobe for seasons 1-4 was just awful - awfully realistic - and reminded me of my own wear-to-work wardrobe.  I would happily wear both of these dresses to work! I would feel slightly overdressed, because I work in the administrative department of an alcohol and drug treatment agency after all, but still - super professional and super stylish! These would guarantee the label "Office cutie", I'm pretty sure of it!

{khaki shirtdress, Old Navy; lace bodice dress, Buckle}

The functions of these cuties are completely opposite - one's clearly for play, while the other's for a more formal occasion. I dig the simplicity of both, in addition the comfort factor. I think both would look fab on a small busted girl like myself, which is always makes for a good time when trying to find the perfect dress Wouldn't the lighter plum number look great as a bridesmaid dress? (Here I go, replanning my wedding that already happened 4 years ago...)

{"love race dress", Francesca Collections; striped sweater dress, Gap}

STRIPES.  You can go wrong with stripes, but not if you get the right width and direction according to your body type. I like stripes in neutral tones on myself - both of these dresses fit the bill.  I would wear both just about anywhere, for any occasion. And I would keep the leggings under the Gap number, but skip those suede roll top booties and find some a little more chunky - and maybe add a huge necklace. As you can see, I'm already planning to own it!

{ruffle-front contrast dress, BCBG; purple tie waist dress, Banana Republic}

Finally, my favorites of the whole bunch: miss sassy on the left is screaming with confidence (and i completely believe it's coming from the dress - or maybe the awesome handbag - or both.)  I'm really feeling purple this year - and I'm really in love with the B.R. dress because it's so classy, yet super simple.  Once again -talking about boobs- these would look great on a small chested gal because they accentuate other areas of the body, like killer arms and shoulders, or a small waistline.

As you can probably tell, I'm small busted.  I have long, gangly arms and toned chicken legs.  My torso is like a half a centimeter long, and my waistline is small, but soft - from chocolate, you know.  I kind of have the body type of a spider, which is why i've had next to no past with wearing dresses - I can't find any to fit!  But now, I'm motivated - and this fall, I'm finding the perfect dress! 

*Today, I'm linking up at Buzz on By Thursdays, hosted by Fashionably Organized and Two Savvy Sisters! Check it out and join in the fun!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday: Peanut Butter & Chocolate!

Today is a very special edition of Post-It Note Tuesday. 
Because today...
I'm in the mood for dessert.
Peanut Butter and Chocolate Dessert!

It's no secret that I love sweets (it's also no secret that I have to hit the gym several times per week or I would die from eating so much sweet stuff.)  With fall nipping at our heels, it's time for everything rich- spices, dark chocolate, peanut butter, pumpkin, and lots of cream cheese
It's all my mom and I talk about when we're on the phone!
I blame Bob Evans for getting me started on the fall desserts this soon. As I was eating my Blueberry crepe on Sunday morning, i couldn't stop looking at the new fall dessert lineup flipcards - Supreme Pumpkin Pie, Fall Harvest Pumpkin Pie, Blackberry Cobbler, and Peanut Butter Brownie Sunday. Thanks alot for a huge waistline in advance, Bob! (No, seriously... thanks!)

Head on over to Supahmommy's corner of the couch and join in the Post-it Note fun!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Shabby Apple review & more Etsy finds!

I love following Leigh Ashley's blog, and now I'm completely head over heels in love with her new Etsy shop, The Shabby Apple! She makes gorgeous, super sweet jewelry and other accessories, and adds a little bit of shabby-vintage flair. 

Last week, I purchased the "discover necklace" from the Shabby Apple.  As soon as I laid eyes on it, I immediately fell in love - this piece of jewelry spoke to me!  This year is about discovering new everything for my husband and I - discovering our futures, discovering new places, discovering where we'll settle down and add to our little family of three (me, him, and the kitty.)  I had to have the necklace. So... I purchased it and three days later, it's in my home! It's even more beautiful in person than it is in the photo, it was packed safe and secure, and I am definitely stalking the Shabby Apple for future purchases.  Thanks, Leigh!

I've been browsing Etsy a lot as of late. I have way too many items added to my favorites!

Chocolate Pillow.  I need!

Look! It's my husband and I! :)

This is super long and I super love it.

Chocolate Rose ring - It looks so edible!

I'm a green lover, and a fan of just about any 
liquid that can be slurped out of a mug! Cozy!

Of course, I can't leave my sweet kitty out.
Primitive style pet bed - genius!

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DaVinci Bead Drop Necklace Winner!


She is the winner of the
DaVinci Bead Drop Necklace and
three DaVinci beads from Coppin's Gifts!

Ashley, check your email - I sent you the contact info for Coppin's Gifts, along with some other information. (Now the fun part begins! You get to pick your beads!)

There were 53 total entries!
I would like to thank everyone who entered the giveaway, tweeted about it, etc.
The folks at Coppin's Gifts and I appreciate you a ton!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last day for Giveaway!, Nicholas Sparks and GTKYS

Today is the last day that you can enter my DaVinci Beads Drop Necklace giveaway!  Click here for details.  I will announce the winner via my blog and Twitter tomorrow! Good luck to all of those who have entered!

I watched the Last Song last night, and it was a little less gut-wrenching than when I watched it in theaters last spring - but still gut-wrenching, nonetheless.  I love reading Nicholas Sparks' books, love watching the movie adaptations, and apparently, love to feel sad and cry!  I totally think the little boy steals the show (I am completely too lazy to look up who "little boy" is on IMDB.) He's a sweetie!  The Last Song is so worth watching for his adorable performance.  
Speaking of Mr. Sparks, he is headed to West Virginia in October!  My mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I are planning to attend the West Virginia Book Festival (yes, West Virginians can read!), listen to him speak, stalk him, etc.  I'm taking my copy of his newest book (comes out Sept. 14th!) in hopes of getting an autograph!

I hope you all are having a great weekend.  I've been napping, snacking, reading a little bit here and there, and hanging with the hubs - we went "back to school shopping" yesterday (no, it never stops as long as you're in school - he's 27, it's his last year, and we're still buying school supplies! ha ha.)

Thanks for stopping by today.  And now, it's time for a little bit of my Sunday blogging ritual, Getting to Know You!

1. If you could host a Reality TV show, which one would it be?
I have no clue - a dating show.  Those seem to draw in the most *interesting* people, IMO! Plus, I'm just a sucker for Bachelor/Bachelorette and even the nastier shows on VH1.  (Someone tell me why Ocho Cinco need help finding a girlfriend?)

2. Do you put your seatbelt on before or after you start the car?

I honestly have no idea.  But I always wear it! And sometimes it gets caught on the seat adjuster thingy, and my seat will all of a sudden start moving while I'm driving.  SCARES me to DEATH!

3. Shave or hair removal cream?

Shave - hair removal cream smells nasty!

4. What's your favorite feature in a house?

A tie between the living area and bathroom - I like for both to be cozy, I like to be comfortable when I'm in both of those rooms!

5. What is your favorite "Fall" scent?

I just figured that out yesterday.  I burned a new candle, Slatkin & Co. "Creamy Pumpkin", a new scent for 2010. I. am. HOOKED.

6. What tv show are you looking forward to seeing the most this Fall??

I used to be hooked on Desperate Housewives, but now that I've kinda fallen out of interest w/it, I look forward to Dancing with the Stars the most!  New contestants will be announced during Bachelor Pad on August 30th, and I CANNOT wait!!!  I've heard some great rumors - Jennifer Love Hewitt, the Situation from Jersey Shore, etc.

7. Personal Shopper or Personal Chef?

Oh Gosh, CHEF. PLEASE.  I can't cook worth a d?mn!

8. What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of "Fall"?


Getting to know YOU

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Five Things about my Dream Home

When I think of my dream home, I don't really think of a particular location. I hope for a modern dwelling of just about any type, preferably downtown or close to a downtown area, in whatever given city my husband and I happen to live in... 'cuz when you're the wife of a grad student-soon-to-be-college professor, you can't really plan a whole lot in advance!

I have lived the apartment (or department, as one of my bloggy friends likes to call it) life for going on seven years, and let me tell you - I'm an expert!  I appreciate (and tend to use and abuse) the 24/7 maintenance, and the sound of someone else's toilet flushing is just as familiar to my ears as my own mother's voice.  I particularly like when a nearby tenant's smoke detector goes off - it adds a little bit of excitement to my quiet evenings at home (should I grab the cat? should I run? should i stay? should I walk upstairs and make sure the other tenants are ok? ooh... see, pure excitement!)

Today, I get to dream up five things I want the most when it comes to my dream home. Believe me, I'm very easy to please. I don't care if it's an apartment, a department, a condo, a townhouse, or a shizzy old fixer-upper down the street.  I'll start small:

1. My Very Own Washer and Dryer


I've done the whole on-site-but-coin-operated-laundry-"facility" thing for years.  I'm used to it, but it isn't exactly convenient when you're doing at least 2-3 loads of laundry per week, most of which is flipping button-up shirts and dress pants. And yeah, I want the prettiest washer and dryer on the market. I'm not going cheap on this one!  Just think, when you're at home, casually tossing a small load of towels or a throw off the couch into your washing machine, I'll probably be at the bank drive-thru getting a roll of effing quarters.

2. A Window in the Kitchen


Isn't that sad? All I want is a window in the kitchen.  I'm dying to get deep into seafood recipes, but the stench will not air out of my department. In addition to a window in the kitchen, I'll happily accept a house full of natural light - white walls, big windows, not a whole lot of B.S. hanging on the walls. 

3. Hardwood Floors

I'm really sick of stiff, stain-resistant crappy carpet that isn't really all that stain resistant.  I have a cat. He sheds and vomits.  I eat lots of chocolate,  I spill things.  I like to slide around in my socks. I want classy, clean (and fun) hardwood flooring.

4. A Double Bathroom Sink/Vanity

My husband and I are both primpy. We like to get fixed up, we like to go out, but he's always ready at least an hour before me because we have to share our 4 square inch bathroom.  At least this way each of us can have our "space", and he won't knock my box of tampons in to the toilet while he's fumbling around for his toothbrush.
P.S. I love Restoration Hardware, and this sink's Ahhh-mazinnng!

5. Home Office/Library

{via i have no idea where this pic came from}

My husband totally needs and deserves his very own place to go hide, study, research, type... and whatever else.  I have sacrificed, and so has he.  We've lived in the middle of 400 stacks of books and piles of English papers for years; he's creating his masterpiece dissertation in the comforts of our own dinette! I like to imagine a modern library, but he's totally into the idea of a cozy nook with tons of books and art. 

While we're on the subject of a special place for reading, studying, etc - can I PLEASE have this major chillaxin' gorgeous reading room, minus the ugly rug, as a bonus?
(I'll take the cute little pug, too.)


I'm linking up today at Beth McC's blog, Just Me and My Life, as part of her ongoing weekly post "Friday Fives".  If you sit around and daydream about your home all day like I do, you should join in the fun!
(And thanks Beth, for the awesome writing prompt!)

I'm also linking up at the following Friday Blog Hops:
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If you're stopping in for the first time, welcome to my blog world!
Have a great Friday and Happy Weekend!
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