Monday, August 2, 2010

Myrtle Beach Wishlist

Greetings from Myrtle Beach, S.C.!
I'm on vacation with my awesome in-laws this week! 
I haven't been to the beach in half a decade, so of course there are some things on my wishlist of beach-related "to-do's":

And I'm talking A LOT.  I want to read both Jennifer Weiner's Best Friends, and Richard Russo's That Old Cape Magic before I leave on Saturday!
* Tan.
Nothing makes me feel as fresh and beautiful as a nice summer glow!
Along the shore, for at least a couple hours each day.  Since this is the first time my husband and I have gone on a week-long vacation with our family, we might need some alone time. I think a long daily walk will be the perfect way to reconnect!
*Quality Time
with my mother and sister-in-law.  They are fabulous, fierce gals with fun personalities - I'm hoping there will be lots of girl-talk while the boys are gone golfing.
But not too much - I've busted my buns this past spring and summer trying to lower my cholesterol with diet and exercise.  I'm going to try not to blow it all away on those melt-in-your-mouth donuts from the Krispy Kreme up the street!  Good luck with that, right? I'm counting on my husband to keep me in check.
I am hoping for a family night out at the movies - there are so many great movies I would love to watch!  I'm hoping for Dinner for Schmucks or The Other Guys.
*Take Photos. 
For some reason, I have problems taking time out for a few good photos.  I am also hesitant about asking others to "pose" for me. I'm crossing my fingers that I remember to take my camera out during those long beach walks, and I'm hoping I get the guts to arrange some family group shots!
*Airbrushed Tee.
It may sound lame, but I really want to get one of those cheesy 80's airbrushed t-shirts made while we're out and about, hitting up the gift shops.  I want one that's Marshall themed - just to wear when I'm chilling out at home :)

Hopefully, I'll get to do all of these things - they seem pretty obtainable, no? 
Happy Monday to all of you - thanks for reading, and have a great week!
Come back tomorrow for my favorite summer songs by male artists!

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have a great time on vacation! I can't wait to hear all about it!!

Amanda said...

I almost got one of those airbrushed shirts at the fair yesterday!

Kerri said...

That two hour walk will help with a's vacation...go ahead and have one!

I love Myrtle Beach...take lots of pictures for us!

Have a super week!

Kerri said...

That two hour walk will help with a's vacation...go ahead and have one!

I love Myrtle Beach...take lots of pictures for us!

Have a super week!

Brittany said...

Sounds perfect!

You have to remember to take pictures you can show us! duh!

Have fun :)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Sounds like the perfect vaca!! I hope you take a lot of pics, and share them when you get back :)

Mariam Hakim said...

I miss the beach, hopefully when I go to Dubai soon :) sounds like an amazing vacation have an amazing time xx

Aimee said...

Yay have fun at the beach!!

Those are very attainable things and they sound bliss. I love reading and tanning on the beach. I dont do enough of it here even though I am blessed to living 15 minutes away from the beach (if you hit every light)

The walks sound the best and enjoy that quality time with those fierce women.

LambAround said...

I just read the funniest story on AOL News about a gal who got in trouble about blogging about her horrible mother in law. Happy to see that you won't have that problem :)

chocoholic said...

I love Myrtle Beach! I usually go at least once every summer, so I'm sad I'm missing out this year.

I've thought about getting one of those shirts for awhile now