Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dress you up in my Love!

This is how I eat Dove Chocolates:
~I curl up on the couch.
~I get a good magazine or catalog to look at.
~I eat the chocolates one by one, reading the quotes inside the wrappers as I chew.
~I flatten the wrappers out and toss them into a pile on the coffee table. 
~I save the really good quotes by tucking the little wrappers inside photo albums,  catalogs, or notebooks that are laying onor inside the coffee table (they're extra fun to find and read later!)
~Sometimes, I find a great quote that is super inspiring and "hits the spot". When this happens, I blog about it!

Lately, I've had new fall clothes on the mind - more specifically, dresses and skirts.  I'm typically not a "dress/skirt kinda girl", but rather a *cute-heels-with-jeans-and-a-blazer kind of woman*.  This year, however, I am loving almost every fall dress I see. 

As I was eating my Dove dark chocolates, I came across this quote:

So today, I'm sharing what my idea of a perfect dress is - for me, the dress/skirt newbie! 
P.S. This is my first fashion-inspired post! Go me!

{tuxedo dress, J.Crew; ruffled plaid dress, Anthropologie}

I love Pam from the office and all, but her wardrobe for seasons 1-4 was just awful - awfully realistic - and reminded me of my own wear-to-work wardrobe.  I would happily wear both of these dresses to work! I would feel slightly overdressed, because I work in the administrative department of an alcohol and drug treatment agency after all, but still - super professional and super stylish! These would guarantee the label "Office cutie", I'm pretty sure of it!

{khaki shirtdress, Old Navy; lace bodice dress, Buckle}

The functions of these cuties are completely opposite - one's clearly for play, while the other's for a more formal occasion. I dig the simplicity of both, in addition the comfort factor. I think both would look fab on a small busted girl like myself, which is always makes for a good time when trying to find the perfect dress Wouldn't the lighter plum number look great as a bridesmaid dress? (Here I go, replanning my wedding that already happened 4 years ago...)

{"love race dress", Francesca Collections; striped sweater dress, Gap}

STRIPES.  You can go wrong with stripes, but not if you get the right width and direction according to your body type. I like stripes in neutral tones on myself - both of these dresses fit the bill.  I would wear both just about anywhere, for any occasion. And I would keep the leggings under the Gap number, but skip those suede roll top booties and find some a little more chunky - and maybe add a huge necklace. As you can see, I'm already planning to own it!

{ruffle-front contrast dress, BCBG; purple tie waist dress, Banana Republic}

Finally, my favorites of the whole bunch: miss sassy on the left is screaming with confidence (and i completely believe it's coming from the dress - or maybe the awesome handbag - or both.)  I'm really feeling purple this year - and I'm really in love with the B.R. dress because it's so classy, yet super simple.  Once again -talking about boobs- these would look great on a small chested gal because they accentuate other areas of the body, like killer arms and shoulders, or a small waistline.

As you can probably tell, I'm small busted.  I have long, gangly arms and toned chicken legs.  My torso is like a half a centimeter long, and my waistline is small, but soft - from chocolate, you know.  I kind of have the body type of a spider, which is why i've had next to no past with wearing dresses - I can't find any to fit!  But now, I'm motivated - and this fall, I'm finding the perfect dress! 

*Today, I'm linking up at Buzz on By Thursdays, hosted by Fashionably Organized and Two Savvy Sisters! Check it out and join in the fun!

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Bloggin in PA said...

Cute picks! i love your taste and Im deff going to check out Francesca Collections because I love that dress and I've never even heard of them before! How did you make those side by side pictures by the way?

flip flops and pearls said...

Ok honey, I love Dove Choclate!!! I let them melt in my mouth....never, rarly bite into them:)

Hope your day is great!!

Moogie said...

Hi... I'm your newest follower.

Jeska said...

Love the dresses! & I do think the plum number would be a great BM dress :) Good luck!

Mary said...

I love this post! Chocolate and dresses... perfection!

Great blog; happy I found you!

Mary xo
Delightful Bitefuls

Mommies 2 Cents said...

Great picks. I am always ready to do some shopping. Great blog! I’m following from Buzz On By Thursday. I hope you’ll stop by soon!

annechovie said...

Great picks, Steph!

chocoholic said...

Those dresses are super cute! And I love Dove chocolate.

Rebekah said...

I do the same thing with Dove chocolate! I always save my favorite wrappers. I love all of those dresses. I'm a dress person and I can't wait to stock up on dresses for fall!

ruthy ann said...

i'm not a dress/skirt gal either...but these are inspiring!

Brittany Ann said...

I'm a huge fan of the wrap dress. I wore them all the time teaching. It was actually easier to get dressed and look professional in the morning with a dress!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Mmm Dove chocolate..I am craving that now!!! I love all these dresses! My favorite is the BCBG one. So cute!

Heather said...

Oh gosh, Dove Chocolate's are my favorite! I have a candy jar at work FULL of them!

I'm loving dresses right now too, and like you I wasn't really a dress person!

Retrodiva said...

I am in LOVE with that purple dress from Gap! Must have it!