Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I'm a guest writer over at lindsay's blog!

We now interrupt this beach vacation for a very special announcement:
I am the guest blogger over at lindsay's "just my blog"today! She asked me to write a post for her to use while she was temporarily without Internet capabilities, so I poured my heart and soul out for a very special post. Head over to her blog and check out my post, "to baby or not to baby?"

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Mariam Hakim said...

Nice! :) i'll go check it out x

The Green Eyed Lady Blog said...

Ohhh I loved the blog! Darrick (the boyfriend) and I talk about kids all the time but marriage has to come first then the baby! But I totally understand because my family is rushing me to get married and have kids. My sister has been married for 5 years and has 2 kids and one would think this is okay for my parents but no they want more...and its all on me! LOL! Take your time...and honestly I believe it will happen when God says so...so anyone can try to rush it but its something He blesses you with so until he thinks you are ready for this blessing keep living your life!!!

Brittany said...

Heading on over now!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I loved your guest post! I think it's completely OK that you're not wanting a baby RIGHT NOW! Everyone I know is like don't you want to get married and have a baby? I say yes to the married...NO to the baby.

I vote you guys come back to marshall in the fall!

Mom's Review for you said...

I am following you! I hope you will follow me too!

Have a great day.


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