Friday, August 13, 2010

I love Football.

Sure, I'm a girl - and I totally don't know every single thing about the game, but I understand enough to know that I love it.  When it's not football season, I'm in mourning! Lucky for me, NFL preseason has begun and college practices are well underway.

I love the Marshall Thundering Herd!
When I was a freshman at Marshall University, Byron Leftwich was the star quarterback and the Thundering Herd was ranked 7th in the nation.  Sadly, I had no clue what any of that meant. I began dating the lucky man who is now my husband, and joined him at Marshall games with an extremely open heart and open mind my first fall at MU; this is how I learned about the sport, and I fell in love - with both him, and football.  The rest is history.

I love the hype.  Excited fans and media coverage get me going!
I love the clothes.  Buying team gear is my favorite thing to do to get ready for the season (I'm a girl, remember?) If i'm going to a game, the team shop is always my first stop! You can never have to many spirit beads.
I love getting sunburnt on only one half of my face during those late afternoon games. It's worth looking stupid the following week!
I love fall Saturday mornings - I know a day full of football is coming, and the guys on ESPN are the best at building the anticipation! 
I love mascots.  So hilarious - they kill me!  I'm like a kid, I have to get my picture taken with 'em when I'm at a game.  If i don't get to, I POUT!
I love spirit beads.  Did i mention that already?
I love halftime - I'm a sucker for a great marching band performance.  (Ohio University's Marching 110 is AMAZING! You tube them!)
I love cozy autumn Sundays filled with NFL madness.
I love Tedy Bruschi.
I love the new Victoria's Secret Pink Loves the NFL clothing line! (I'm already rocking the Patriots gear for preseason!)
I love Lou Holtz.  Seriously.  He's like a grandpa to me.
I love a good backstory.  I enjoy learning about team history, legendary players and coaches, and school rivalries.
I love watching Ohio University head coach Frank Solich wander around the gym - he seems so lost in thought, probably thinking about football, and seems to forget where he is and what he's supposed to be doing.  I almost fall off the Eliptical giggling at him every time.
I love cute kids dressed up as football players and cheerleaders. It makes me want one. (A kid, I mean.)
I love gameday snacks.  It's the perfect excuse to indulge in dangerously delicious unhealthy food!
I love those crazy, exciting, rare plays.  This is my favorite (it's only 38 seconds!):

Yes, folks, Byron had a broken shin.  He left the game to go to the hospital, then came back and played in the game later.  This video is also part of the football clip montage at the end of We Are Marshall - it brings tears to my eyes every single time I watch it!

Most importantly, I love a good game.  A win is great, but a loss followed by a strong team performance is fine, too - this is especially the case when I'm watching two teams that I have neutral feelings about :)

Did I miss anything?

Oh, and I love the Marshall Thundering Herd. I even love the scary looking Marco!

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AubreyRose @ My Simple Everyday said...

Love football, too!!

Did not know about Victoria Secret's NFL line though... I must check that out now!

Amber said...

Go Thundering Herd!! My alma mater was NDSU Bison aka "The Thundering Herd" as I am all about bringing the thunder. My first degree is in Sports Med and I worked closely with the football team. I love me a good game as well!! Very cool that Leftwich played there, I didn't know that. We Are Marshall is a great movie. Total tearjerker.
Thanks for sharing about the VS NFL line...will have to check it out!

Melissa's Thoughts said...

We were just talking about We Are Marshall this morning in the office. Love that movie. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

What a great post! You got me very excited for the season... and I definitely love the clothes too :)

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, me too, me too!

And, seriously, I spent all of undergrad and graduate school with sunburns on only one half of my face thanks to my constant presence at all my beloved Florida Gator games!

Brittany said...

I love football too!!!

Are you joining Aimees fantasy football team for all girls!! :)

You should! It'll be soo fun!

Steph said...

Great post!!

I have 2 brothers, so between them and my dad, football was a necessity in our house growing up.

My brothers were both quarterbacks in high school and I was in marching band. :)

I went on to Arizona State and was a member of the Sun Devil Marching Pride! Sooooo awesome! College marching band is amazing!

Looks like your Byron Leftwich will have the starting job here in Pittsburgh for the beginning of the season. :)

LOVED "We Are Marshall"!

Happy Friday!

Margaret said...

Finally another chick that loves football like I do!!!!! I am happy that football is starting!!!

grimmgirl said...

When I moved to KY I knew I was in trouble when the majority of kids in my son's KINDERGARTEN! were signing up for football. KY is SO football, and my kids are all soccer. The only thing I like about football is that it ushers in the fall, which I just can't get enough of every year (I'm a southern CA girl -- no changing leaves where I'm from). I lived in Athens for 6 years and didn't attend a single OU game -- also lived in Seattle and never made it to see the Huskies. I did tutor one in English. Does that count? Enjoy the games!

Ashley said...

I'm a huge steelers fan!!! I love it!

Aimee said...

YES!!!!!!!!!! I love the fact that you love football. Its fantastic. I love that you know a lot about it as well. Gosh! I too visit the team store before every game. I try to buy as much team gear as my debit card will allow. I love the crowds. I love the hard hits. I love the passion. I love just the feel of the game and the comardrie you have with other fans. YES!!!

I also mourn when football season is over. I need to try to get more into college football. But for me currently its all about the NFL. Dont even try to invite me out on a sunday or a monday! (or a saturday or thursday once its later in season).

Go football!!!

(One of my favorite movies is We are Marshall)

Miranda said...

This has me SO EXCITED for HERD FOOTBALL! I've been looking online for some new Marshall gear. We might have to have weekly football posts! ha ha!

Miss. Candy said...

This post makes me want to tailgate and I don't even do the whole football thing!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm so excited for the season to start! We'll have to tailgate this year together!

Kerri said...

Such a cute post...I can feel your love for the game! The only thing I can relate to on your post is the game day snacks...I'm all about that! :)

We're Penn State fans ( I watch the games with my husband so I can eat the snacks!)