Friday, November 5, 2010

Celebrating my Birthday *Blog Style*!

If you were physically here, eating birthday cake with me - well, that would be awesome, wouldn't it? I'm sorry I can't share my birthday cake with you - the best I can do is share my 27 favorite bloggers with you. I know it's not cake and ice cream n' stuff, but hey - I cannot hog all of these wonderful blogs to myself! 

1. One of my two super favorite Southern belle bloggers, Julie @ Brown Eyed Bell posts gorgeousness every day.  Her blog is a breath of fresh air and is perfect when I'm in the mood to see "pretty". Her photo tribute to Julia Roberts and Eat, Pray, Love is one of my all-time BEB favorites. 

2. Just when I thought I was the only girl who cared about the Cincinnati Reds making it to the MLB playoffs this season, I read City Girl's take on the situation. She cared, alright... in a slightly different way. She had to purchase playoff tickets in Have You Seen my Baseball?

3. I feel like I owe my entire blog to college friend and fellow Marshall alumni Jennifer @ Crazy Shenanigans.  She was my source of advice, and the one who said, "start blogging!"  Thanks, JMO!

4. Miranda, another fellow Marshall girl, and West Virginian-turned Hawaiian shares her life @ Hangin' Loose with the Tucci's.  Bonus points to Miranda for creating gorgeous blogger themes and templates!

5. My other favorite Southern belle blogger and super cute mom shares her adorable thoughts, ideas, and life experiences with a lil' bit of classy twang @ Flip Flops & Pearls.

6. I discovered something very pretty and dangerous... an Etsy shop that has become my favorite, hands-down! Learn about Leigh Ashley's Etsy shop, Barberry and Lace. Her blog is beautiful, too!

7. I opened my very first Scentsy warmer, Faith, and knew within seconds that I loved the quality. 10 minutes later, my apartment smelled like pumpkin roll heaven and I have Amanda to thank! She introduced me to the world of Scentsy, and blogs about her life as a student and Scentsy consultant @ Life According to Amanda.

8. I've been reading about Heather's life for a few months now, and I  know without a doubt that she is totally awesome. How do I know that already, you ask?  Well... she fed my Bath and Body Works addiction this week by sending me a bottle of self-foaming hand soap in Twisted Peppermint for my birthday! You should check out her blog, Life with Heather, but I can't guarantee that she'll send you goodies, too... 'cuz I'm SPECIAL!

9. I knew when I first started reading Amber's blog, Life on a Stick, that she was super intelligent, a hard worker, and a terrific mom - I love her, and her daughter is a total cutie pie!

10. Jenny from Jenny XOXO is a super sweet Minnesota Vikings loving gal. My favorite post of hers, and quite possibly one of my favorite posts out of all my favorite blogs to date has to be when she  Photo Blogged the lyrics to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream this summer!

11. Never forget your house keys.  Ty tells us why in her hilarious blog, Rants, Raves, Ridiculous! I'm totally stuck on this law student's take on daily life.  You will be, too - I promise!

12. Brittany took me under her wing, introduced me to a bigger blogging world, and has been my blogging buddy since the beginning!

13. Lindsay @ Designer Wife is one of my other Marshall girls. She's a great foodie/healthy living blogger, and like me, she's an orange tabby "kitteh" lover, too!

14. Susie, one of my favorite bloggin' mommas and she is the brain behind the Blog Gang! Visit Motherhoot and become a blog-ganger with the rest of us cool kids, and be sure to read some of Susie's awesomely funny writing.

15. Ashley, my favorite Oklahom-ian blogger and a Carrie Underwood FAN-A-TIC, is nothing short of a sweetheart.  Her blog post made me cry all over my keyboard one day... because she posted this music video. One of my favorite blog memories ever!

16. I've enjoyed Katie's blog ever since I started following her - she just loves her football! She made me laugh so hard when she shared photos of her Halloween Costume!

17. Rebekah's blog is a comforting, calming, and super sweet - I want more than anything to just hang out with her, enjoy some coffee, and maybe a slice of homemade pie - she's just that cozy!

18. I knew Aimee was going to be one of my favorite bloggers when I read this post way back in early summer, and discovered that she, too, was a sports fanatic!

19. I love Kerry. Just love her. And all of her FOOD. She blogs about rich and indulgent treats like this, which makes me wish she was my neighbor!

20. Faith. Oh, I love Faith! She's been married one year (tomorrow! Happy Anniversary!) and documents her newlywed adventures almost daily. She melts my heart with her gorgeous wedding photo flashbacks!

21. I just recently (and i mean, recently - like, a week ago) started visiting Kelley's Break Room, and Ohhhmygosh she is HILARIOUS.  If you head there, for goodness sakes, PLEASE swallow what you're drinking before you read. Her writing is super entertaining and she is laugh out loud funny!

22.The Green Eyed Lady is a totally stylin' babe - and shares my love for the NFL! I always love when she leaves comments - they're always so meaningful!

23. Of course, we all love Mama Kat - her writing workshop has saved our blogging butts a time or two!

24. Just when I thought I was the only person dying to hear Christmas music this week, I find out that fellow Ohio Blogger and huge Buckeye fan, Lindsey @ Lovin' my Life, is dying to hear it as well! We're 70 miles apart, but listen to the same Columbus Radio station, 93.3 WLZT, and are SO excited that the station made its' official switchover to Christmas music - today, on my birthday!

25. I love my sports and I love my collegiate hoodies, but Sunny & Star's Blog reminds me that it's O.K. to be totally girly and totally feminine!

26. Another blogging gal that you can count on to bail you out when you have a case of writers block is Beth! Beth's Friday Fives are always a go-to fun time on Fridays! If nothing else, visit and "ooh n' ahh" over her brand new nephew!

and finally... #27.  Number 27 is coming soon. "A Day in the Life of a Grad Student's wife" will soon become "A Day in the Life of a Professor's Wife", at I will launch my blog when my grad student husband makes the transition to Mr. Professor later this year - but I've already purchased the domain, I'm beginning the slow transition to Wordpress, and I cannot WAIT for you all to join me as I grow and adapt to a new phase in life!

Thank you for taking the time to "visit" my blog on my 27th Birthday! And thanks for providing me with wonderful writing, traveling recaps, thought-provoking ideas, delicious recipes, humorous tales, gorgeous photography, and everything and anything else that you post on your awesome blogs! 

Have a terrific weekend, guys!  As for me?  I'm planning to dive head-first into a 16-inch Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake in less than 8 hours - so I think its' safe to say that I'm gonna have a great one!

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flip flops and pearls said...

Awe, I am honored that you mentioned me!!! Thank you sweets! I pray your birthday is NOTHING short of awesomeness!!!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! I can't wait to look at all of these blogs you've mentioned and hopefully get some more "must reads!"

Rebekah said...

You are too sweet for mentioning me! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! That's awesome about the new blog. I'm excited for you!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for the sweet mention of my blog! I just adore you, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

The Green Eyed Lady Blog said...

Awww I love everything about this blog post...and I'm SOOOOO honored that you picked me as one of your top bloggers!!! Im so happy we became blog friends...I love your blog and I cant wait to see the changes once you become "A Day in the Life of a Professor's Wife"!!!!

The Green Eyed Lady Blog said...

Oh and Happy Birthday! LOL!!!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Stephanieeeeeee.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!

(I do quite a mean rendition of Happy Birthday in real life. For now, this will have to do!)

I hope your day is fabulous as you are!
I am totally, completely, utterly honored that I was mentioned in your special birthday post. THANK-YOU! I'm glad you enjoyed today's post! I'm working on really feeling it from now on too.

Good news on the new blog coming soon! Congrats!

Happy Birthday!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy Birthday Steph!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day today!!!

Thank you so much for the shout out, I'm so glad that you started blogging!

love jenny xoxo said...

Happy Birthday!! It was so nice of you to mention my blog on your's :) I feel special!! I mentioned you on my blog too - hope you have an awesome birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Kerri said...

Happy Happy 27th Birthday Steph!!
I've spent much of my morning checking out all your blog kind of you to give us all a treat on YOUR birthday! You're also so sweet to mention my blog....I would love to be your neighbor as well...although you would end up chubby like me!
Have an AWESOME day!!!

Anonymous said...

Awe! Thank you so much for including me in your blog list, that is so super sweet of you! I hope you have a fantastically amazing birthday! And Columbus must know that Christmas music must be the birthday present ever, I spent the morning scanning the Akron/Cleveland stations and nothing here. Enjoy "The Office" and the Scentsy and the snuggie and the day :)

Brittany said...

exciting news! :)

Happy birthday doll face! Thanks for the shout out!

Miranda said...

Thank you for mentioning me!!! :-) I hope you have a great birthday!!! :-)

Sunny & Star said...

You have made our day! We are so pleased that you have mentioned us in your 27!

We hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday! Thanks for letting us know about all of these other wonderful bloggers.

Kelley said...

You are the sweetest thing! I love that you gave US gifts on YOUR birthday! I am so happy that I make you laugh...and spit out coke. Happy 27th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

annechovie said...

I hope that you had a very special birthday, Stephanie! Congrats! xx

Heather said...

Love your blog! Hope you had a great birthday. :)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Happy Happy 27th Bday to you -- Your blog is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Hope you had a fabulous birthday!! And what a great post, I am super excited to check out these blogs that I haven't come across yet, thanks for sharing :)

cornflakegirl74 said...

I can't wait to check out some of the blogs you listed here. And how incredibly sweet of you to share the love on your birthday with other bloggers :) HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by on my SITS day and leaving me such sweet encouraging words. It was wonderful to have you and I can't wait to follow as you transition from Grad Student's Wife to Professor's Wife!

ty said...

Happy happy birthday!! And thankkks :)

Heather said...

Stephanie, I swear, you are TOO sweet!! I'm so glad you enjoy your present...just a little happy for you =). I hope you had a fabulous 27th birthday!!

Amber said...

You are such a sweet girl! :)

Happy birthday doll, hope it was awesome. Have an extra ice cream cake for me! ;)

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday!!

I'm a new follower! I'm from Kentucky, not too far from West Virgina. I'm in the mental health field now too :)

JMJE said...

I just randomly clicked on your blog from Crazy Shenanigans and guess what???? My birthday was on Friday also. I turned 30 though so I'm a little older than you. Happy Belated birthday.

Katie said...

Stephanie! You are too sweet to mention my blog! Thank you so much :) I also didn't realize we are so very close in age! I hope you had a wonderful birthday. You make getting older look good girl!!! :)