Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post-Christmas CHAOS

Before I get into whining and complaining about how long it took for my husband and I to get settled back in and organized after the long Christmas weekend in WV, I must continue promoting the new blog:

Don't forget to visit my new blog,, and follow via Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Facebook, and/or email subscription - Saturday is the big day!

Thanks to all that have already started following - I need you to hold my hand through this big change! On Friday, I'll be giving you a little preview of what to expect from A Professor's Wife during the month of January.  It's going to be a very special month, and you're going to get to know me and my little life story very well. I want to open with a bang - you will not regret subscribing! You should stock up on coffee and blog reading treats, like, yesterday.

And now, it's time for me to moan and groan a little.  I haven't stopped moving, thinking, anything, since last week! Of course, we were all busy during the holidays. Just hear me out:
The hubs and I got lots of fun gadgets for Christmas.  We also got some of our yearly favorites, like new clothes, Fiestaware, gift cards, etc.  We barely escaped the WV Christmas snow storm from a not-so-Christmasy place on Sunday, and returned to Athens late in the evening.  After opening our presents to each other and the cat, it was time to play with all of our new things.  Except, I had work the next day! CRAP!  I set up my husband's Keurig coffee brewer and rearranged the kitchen a bit.  Before I knew it, it was time to go to bed. 

I think Monday and Tuesday were the hardest days at work ever!  It was so hard for me to get motivated - I so could not get it together.  Thankfully, my supervisor gave me the thumbs up for taking Thursday off (in addition to Friday, a regularly scheduled work holiday), so I was motivated to focus and work hard today. All of the major projects that have been hanging over my head at work the entire month of December are now finished, the monstrous amount of laundry my husband and I managed to dirty over one weekend is now washed and ironed, and all of our new Christmas gifts are now organized/set up/ready to go. Whew... it feels so good to just relax and blog! I have a ton of blogs I can't wait to catch up on - Google Reader is going to be my best friend for the next few hours; I've missed my blogging buds!  Did anyone else have a hard time getting going this week? 

Tomorrow, I'm blogging about my post-Christmas shopping (gee, somehow I had no problem finding time for that this week!)  I should totally be ashamed for spending $$$ after having such a wonderful Christmas, but what the heck - I can't say "no" to the Crate & Barrel Christmas Clearance, or the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale! 

Tonight, I'm going to start visiting all of my followers and leaving them a little message, begging them to follow me at my new blog.  If I leave you a "please please please visit my new blog" comment and you've already joined up, just ignore me. :)

I really do appreciate those who've already jumped on the Professor's Wife train - you all make blogging so worthwhile, and I am very grateful for your readership!
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Amanda said...

I've been so thrown off the last two weeks. Boyfriends been off work a lot, we still have another Christmas this weekend and we're having a New Years party...

Did I mention my house is a mess?!?!

Sigh - I still love the holidays and I'm on my way to follow the new blog :)

Rebekah said...

I didn't go to any sales this year after Christmas. I just couldn't make myself go! I can't wait for the new blog!

Heather said...

I stocked up at the B&BW Semi-Annual sale too, today in fact! I just can't say "no" to that's impossible!!

Rachel said...

I've had a super-hard time getting back into work and life this week! My house is still a mess and I'm exhausted because the baby's schedule is still a bit messed up from our travels. I have decided that next year I WILL take off the week between Christmas and New Years! I couldn't this year because I just had 8.5 weeks of Maternity Leave and I'm trying to build up my leave again! I'm hoping to 'start fresh' next week!