Monday, December 20, 2010

Stuff my Stocking!

It's time to hop back onto the "25 Days of Christmas" train with Jmo and Star!  There are only a few days left, and the topics that remain are aimed at the last minute tasks we have to tend to before Ol' Santy shows up.  Today we're bloggin' about stocking stuffers under $10 - and boy, do I have plenty.  The only problem is, when doing a little online browsing for this post, I ended up picking items out for myself more so than others. Ah, well - I'm so awesome, these stocking stuffers will obviously be winners with just about everyone on the list.  And by everyone, I mean females.  I kinda left the dudes out (unless guys like snowman spatulas - and they could, I guess...) - sorry, guys!
Remember, all of these fabulous finds are under ten bucks, and can totally and completely fit into the average stocking. First off, my personal must-haves:

SMENCILS, The original "Gourmet Scented Pencil" (6.99.)
During Thanksgiving, one of my relatives was peddling Holiday scented Smencils for her school's fundraiser activity.  I had to have 'em, but had no cash on me - so mother-in-law came to the rescue.  I'm sure she thought it was kind of strange for her 27 year old daughter-in-law to want Smencils so badly, but she did the right thing.  And I've been using them at the office every single day since! They are made of recycled paper, are non-toxic, and will stay smelly-good for 2 years even if they're left out of the protective plastic tubes. Each pack contains five scented pencils in Christmasy scents like Gingerbread, Cinnamon, and Sugar Plum. Find 'em at Michaels Arts & Crafts and

JVC Gumy earbuds (9.99)
When I'm at the gym, I sweat like Sylvester Stallone in a Rocky movie montage.  The white Apple iPod earbuds will not stay in my ears (I know, I'm gross but how I can recommend something without providing a tried-and true review of it?) I rely on JVC Gumy earbuds as a means to keep my music in my ears.  The jelly-like covering helps earbuds stay in your ears like glue! Gumy earbuds are available in every color of the rainbow, and are updated each year to match the new generation of  Apple iPod colors.  A perfect stocking stuffer for all of those sweaty gym rats!

A baking-themed stocking? Yes, please. Crate & Barrel makes it easy with the above kitchen gadgets, which are all under $10: silicone spoon and jumbo cookie spatula (7.95 ea.); snowmen spatula (9.95); HOHO cookie cutter (3.95); silicone measuring spoons (8.95); holiday sparkle mini-bowl set (8.95); rolling pin (9.95). 

What would a Christmas stocking for your favorite gal be without a little Bath & Body Works action?  My personal stocking-stuffing favorites this season include: cat shaped massager (4.50), travel size body butter and Shea hand cream in Twilight Woods ($6 ea.), chrome tree-shaped wallflower plug-in and winter-scented bulb (4 for $20/6 for $24 mix & match), 4 oz. Slatkin & Co candle in Vanilla Bean Noel (9.50), Ready.Set.Jet travel-size set with tta-approved clear zip-up plastic bag for liquid items ($10).

C.O. Bigelow Lip Tints and Glosses (buy 2 get 1 free)   These three lip products get the official "Stephanie Stamp of Approval", (if that means anything at all to you!) C.O. Bigelow's Mentha Lip Shine in Spiced Latte, Glossy Lip Balm in Green Tea, and Mentha Lip Tint in Ginger Mint have kept my lips shiny, soft, and sweet all season long.  All three have a menthol ingredient that keeps your lips cool and your breath fresh.  The Mentha Lip Shine and Lip Tint both have some sparkle, which looks great layered over your favorite lipstick.  Find 'em at C.O. Bigelow and Bath & Body Works stores.
So there you have it - my favorite stocking stuffers, $10 and under! When all else fails, iTunes music cards, and gift cards are great - I don't believe in the whole "gift cards are so impersonal" thing - I'll take one any day!

Merry early Christmas, ya'll - only a few more days!  Have fun preparing this week! 

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Rebekah said...

These are so great!

I only have my husband's stocking to do and I'm still thinking of things to put in it!

Kerri said...

You picked some great things! My son loves Smencils...he's always sticking them in my face to smell! I need to try those lip glosses from Bath and Body...yum!

Happy Christmas week to YOU!

Katie said...

Smencils?? I have never heard of these before, but it sounds awesome!! Crate and Barrell... I could live there!

Emma said...

All of these were great picks - I'd especially love the cooking stocking stuffers! Isn't it so easy to shop for women? We like (almost) everything! :)

Lynnie said...

Smencils kick booty!!!! My girls love those! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

Amber said...

I love that baking set!! So cute! My mom would love it because of the snowmen lol.

and those earbuds are sooo awesome!!! Thats pretty much the only ones I'll use lol

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think I've been to B&BW at least 10 times in the past two weeks picking up gifts!