Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Cards & the Winter Wonderland Sign Winner!

I hope all of my snow bunnies are staying warm after the big snow storm this weekend! I thought of all my Minnesota bloggers as I watched the footage of the Metrodome caving in - Stay safe and cozy, girls!

After a fun week of hosting a giveaway for the "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland" wooden sign I hand-painted as part of a Christmas craft blog post for 25 Days of Christmas, we finally have a winner! chose lucky #62 out of 84 total entries as the winner. I will be mailing the sign to Jessica @ My Simply Complicated sometime this week!  Jessica is currently in school full time and runs her own graphic design business as well.  She attended the SITS girls' Bloggy Boot Camp earlier this fall (which I am so jealous of!) Make sure to check out her gorgeous blog and try the Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheel recipe she recently posted!

Quotable Cards
It's already day 15 of Star & Jmo's 25 Days of Christmas - I cannot believe it!  December is flying by, but my shopping list is 98% complete and all of my cards have been given to/sent via snail mail to friends, family, and co-workers.  
Today's topic for 25 Days of Christmas is "Christmas Cards".  This year, I purchased three designs: a UNICEF card featuring deer in a snowy field for close family and friends, a fun and lighthearted glittery snowman note-sized card for co-workers, and a clean, colorful, pop-inspired square card featuring a fun quote by Walt Whitman for the blogging buds I've swapped mailing addy's with over the past few months.  I carefully choose Christmas cards each year; I understand that it would be a lot easier and way more cost effective to head to the local dollar store and buy a few boxes of the same exact card for all of my recipients, but that is zero fun! I take pride in signing each card and addressing the envelope with pretty handwriting.  As I fill them out, I take a minute to actually think about the person I'm sending or giving the card to.  Preparing Christmas cards to give to my friends and family is one of my favorite hobbies during the holiday season.  If you get a card from me, just know that it is sent with love and warm wishes! Really!

Cards by UNICEF.

I chose these UNICEF cards for the close friends and family I exchange with every year.  I thought the design was very wintry and peaceful. The light glittery iridescent shimmer isn't visible in the photo to the left, but it - along with the sweet and simple wording inside ("Wishing you beautiful winter moments, Happy Holidays") - sealed the deal on my purchase.  Yes, I'm one of those "Happy Holidays" card senders.  I believe it's the simplest way to acknowledge all of the holidays that one may celebrate during the winter season.  When I send or give a card that says "Happy Holidays", that is exactly what I mean. Whatever it is you're celebrating, whether it be the New Year, religious holidays, or in my case, family birthdays, have a happy time! 'Tis the season to be jolly, ya'll!

Notecards by Artworks, available at B&N Stores.

I love being part of a workplace that is all about celebrating the season.  We enjoy great food and fun mingling during our annual luncheon that's held in December, and share our favorite dishes and swap gifts during our Christmas potluck and gift exchange.  Most of us share more personal gifts and treats with each other as Christmastime nears (which reminds me - I have a huge batch of Oreo Truffles to make! Hello cream cheese!)
I absolutely love the first day of December, when I stick Christmas cards in everyone's mailboxes at the office.  They always tease that I'm "on the ball" or "too early!" but I know they love the cards - they display them ASAP! This year's "co-worker" cards are definitely the best yet - I actually think the envelopes were almost as cute as the card itself! 

Hallmark Contest Winner
Jen McQuinn, Cincinnatti, OH
Become a Hallmark Star!
This past Spring, I took advantage of a really cool opportunity and entered Hallmark's "That Says Christmas" card design contest (read about my experience - and being named a finalist - here!)  Although I wasn't chosen as a winner, I had a blast networking with the other Hallmark fans and Hallmark staff on facebook.  I made a few cool buds and now, when I'm out card shopping for a specific person, I only choose the Hallmark Contest winners' cards! I'm sure you've seen 'em around.  Check out the winners for this year's "That Says Christmas" contest - and if you're looking for a single card to suit someone on your list, show my Hallmark friends some love and choose one of their designs!
If you're into photography and/or illustration, and think it might be neat to see your very own design in Hallmark stores and card displays across the country (and win a few hundred dollars, too!), I highly suggest entering Hallmark's card design contests! Visit to get the scoop on upcoming events, details, how-to's, and past winners.

That's it for this snowy and blustery Monday! Dress cute and cozy, use plenty of moisturizing balm underneath and on top of that long-wearing lipstick, and get those Christmas cards out if you haven't already!

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Laura Darling said...

I used to work at CVS and when the new Hallmark cards would come out I would spend hours reading every one! So neat that you were a finalist!

flip flops and pearls said...

Oh mercy girl....I am not doing well in the Chrsitmas Card depo this year.....miss take pictures of eveything and create your cards & send them off by the first week of Dec has LEFT THE BUILDING!! ha...I will blame it on being sick. (slacker)

Thats awesome about the Hallmark cards!! I am sorry you didn't win but wow, a finalist?? AWESOME GIRL!!

Hope your week is FAB!

-ps I am still checking my mail....I'll tell you now, YES, come on down South sista, your always welcome:)

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

love your thoughts on holiday cards! I feel the same way :)

Kerri said...

The really like the cards you chose for everyone! I'm headed to read about your Hallmark contest experience!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I got yours and thought it was sooo cute! I'm still loving the ornament you sent me!!! Enjoy your snow day! Stay safe!

Rebekah said...

I love your Christmas cards. They're great!

Heather said...

You blow me away with all your Christmas spirit, I love it!! I enjoyed receiving my Christmas card this year from you =).

Anonymous said...

First of all, you should consider how much it would cost me for you to make me a sign since I didn't win it. Because the one you made is gorgeous and I want it and I could never make one that looks nearly as nice.

Next, I loved the card I got from you. It is always so nice to get non-bills in the mail :)

love jenny xoxo said...

That's for the MN shoot out! I saw it Monday but got side-tracked. Unfortunately, it's snowing AGAIN! And I still haven't done my xmas cards... there still time, right?!