Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Godly Gal Creations and 25 Days of Christmas (Day 2)

Artist Carrie Lawson
Carrie Lawson is extremely busy this holiday season.  A visual artist from West Virginia, she works long hours every single day and night, striving to please each of her customers with the highest quality product she can possibly give them. 
Carrie and I are both from the Mountain State; we also grew up in the same county and graduated from the same high school. As Carrie continues to post more of her work on her Facebook page, Godly Gal Creations, I continue to become more intrigued by her artistic talent and passion.  I couldn't resist featuring her fabulous spirit and artwork on my blog! Read on for a Q&A session I had with Carrie, and make sure to swing by her Facebook page!

S: Tell a little about yourself. You can be as basic or as detailed as you like.
C: I'm a wife and stay at home mom to 4 boys. I was born and raised in central WV, left for a long time, but returned home and haven't left since. I am from a HUGE family...my grandparents had 10 kids and I take a lot of pride in the fact that we are happy to see each other and greet and leave w/ hugs and kisses. I love God, I love my hubby and kids, my extended family, I love to travel, I love food, I love to laugh.

Moment with Mom #4, #14
S: How long have you been interested in art? Give a short history on how you grew to love and practice art.
C: My mom was an artist the early part of my life. I have lots of memories watching her paint. My brother also was awesome at pencil portraits. I have never had an art class past grade school... I basically learned from them and on my own, but have always loved art, and creating it.

S: What are your favorite mediums/techniques?
C: I have always loved charcoal and pencil; I started using acrylics two years ago....and am learning it pretty good...lots to learn yet though! I also love to dabble in photography...which to me is also art.

S: What are some past and recent projects have you enjoyed working on the most?
C: The "pickling rock" is my favorite. I am still shocked I actually did this! It was one of the few items this woman had from her mother after she passed...and had always worried it would be discarded as a river rock. I painted it with memories of pickling items and the jar her mom used; It really meant a lot to her, but I think it blessed me even more. Still does.

S: What/who inspires and influences your art?
C: In the past i would say bad moods...and troubles in life. but now that God delivered me from all of that, he shows me the beauty and treasures in life...in rich colors.

The first in the Abstract Moments Collection

S: Tell me a little bit about your "Abstract Moments" collection.
C: That was actually a surprise. I had finished a project and had a lot of leftover paint, and just created the first one. I really liked it, and thought others might, too. So I posted a pic on Facebook with a price, and it sold within 20 minutes. Now lots of people seem to love them 'cause their orders have turned it into a series. 

S: What are some of your artistic goals?
C: I just wanna create....and be able to bless people, all the while making some extra spending money. Any artist dreams of seeing their art go big....which i do...as long as i can stay home, lol. God comes first in my life, my husband, and kids after that, so I don't have the time it requires to pursue the big stuff in the art world and that's not a bad thing. I love what God has blessed me with.

S: What is the best part about being an artist?
C: Touching other people's lives, selling art that is affordable to anyone, and hearing my boys say,"mom you painted that!" when they see it somewhere else.

Abstract Moments Collection: Moments with Mom
 And, for fun:

S: Who is your favorite artist(s)?
C: M.C. Escher. I love how real it looks, yet is surreal in a way...but he used math to do it all...(i don't like math.) There are others I like...but he's my fave.

S: Do you prefer to listen to music or work in silence? C: I Definitely prefer listening to music. Kari Jobe is my favorite at the moment, but I listen to everything from Hillsong, Toby Mac, Lecrae, and Red, to Switchfoot. LOTS of faves, as long as they're praising God.

S: Briefly describe your idea of the "perfect" day.
C: Everyday I wake up. It's a gift.

S: 3 things you couldn't live without.
C: The only thing I can't live without is God. Everything else is just a bonus from him. Some of my favorites are my family, my iPod, and good coffee.

Top: Moment with Mom # 9, Family Moment #2.
Bottom: Family Moment #1

S: Do you have any quick advice for those who are thinking about pursuing art?
C: Create because you love to create. If you do it for the money, you will never be satisfied.  

Carrie can be contacted via email at clawson5104@yahoo.com. Her Facebook art fanpage, Godly Gal Creations, includes daily updates and photos of the latest finished pieces! Stop by and become a fan!

Jmo & Star's 25 Days of Christmas continues today, and we're blogging about Christmas Traditions! My family and my husband's family live only half an hour apart, so when we travel to WV for the holidays, things are pretty easy (with the exception of driving back and forth in the mountains with snow and ice all over the place.) Ever since we married in 2006, our traditions have rolled like this:
Dec. 23rd - Hub's birthday: leave Ohio in early AM, arrive in WV around Noonish; have cake and ice cream with the whole fam. Stay the night at in-laws' house.
Dec. 24th - Christmas Eve: Drive to mom & step dad's house in the AM, do Christmas-evey stuff all afternoon.  Visit Husband's aunt who lives nearby in the evening, snack.  Head back to In-laws' house for Christmas eve fun and fare all PM. Stay at in-law's.
Dec. 25th - Christmas Day: Open presents at in-laws' early in the AM; head back over to mom and step-dad's house to eat dinner, relax, visit, and spend the night.
Dec. 26th - Head back to Ohio!
So there are my traditions in a nutshell - very rigid, very predictable, but fun nonetheless!  I can't wait to throw a little curveball in the next few years, when I introduce a baby into the mix - new traditions will be added to the old and I cannot wait! I think Christmas will feel like less of a whirlwind, with me blindly wandering here and there and everywhere. Or, maybe, it will be even more whirlwindish. Either way, I look forward to being a parent and experiencing the kids rip-roaring through wrapping paper and boxes, and having Christmas morning breakfast in my own home. Maple Syrup in my baby girl's hair, husband and son fighting with inflatable boxing gloves... ahh. I get excited.
Traditions.  They're nice to have - but nice to break every once in a while.

Tomorrow's topic is "WISHLIST", and ohhh man... do I have a wishlist.  Let's just say I look forward to being a professor's wife. He's so gonna get slammed with my wishlist. SO gonna get slammed. SOOO soooo slammed. Poor fella :)

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Katie said...

Godly Gal Creations is fantastic! I love her work and especially enjoyed the story about the painted rock. It sounds like you have a busy schedule coming up!

Pchanner said...

I love the artwork. Very beautiful.

love jenny xoxo said...

Her artwork is gorgeous! I love it!


Samantha Anderson said...

Carrie's work is fantastic and I love how she always posts new art in the middle of night. It's like a night time treat before bed and I watch for new ones to show up!

lisa said...

Carrie your artwork is awesome i love it God has really blessed you.You go girl love ya girl

Casey said...

Hi, I am following you from Follow Me Back Tuesday! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


star said...

Your Christmas sounds a lot like ours! We have to visit 3 different families, and we do lots of driving around! Thanks for playing!

Carrie Lawson said...


Kelley said...

What beautiful work! I loved all of them and loved the inspiration behind them. The advice to create because you love to create, and not for the money, is wonderful advice! I should apply that to creating words on a blog. I'm sure not doing it for any money! :)