Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Swap Goodies and Winnings!

My blogging buddies are really amazing. Today, I'm taking some time out to thank two fellow bloggers and tweeters (and both are Jennifers!) - Jenny M. and Jennifer M!

The Monday following my birthday, I came home to find a USPS box full of fun goodies from Jenny, my preppy Christmas swapper!

Oodles of fun stuff! 
Each and every item was wrapped, which obviously made for a lengthy prezzie-opening fest! My husband watched in amazement as I continued to pull another - and then another- and then another wrapped item out of the box.  Good times! 

Inside the box:
MISTO Olive Oil Sprayer, Vigar Dishbrush, Orange Kitty Heat Resistant potholder, Six pairs of socks (one of my favorite things - cute socks!), Lettuce Shears, Julienne Peeler, and a Skinny Dip moisturizing candle in Peppermint!

Thanks, Jenny!  I'm enjoying all of my new gadgets.
Who knew a dish brush could be so fun?!? 

And now, the second Jennifer:

The timing of JMO's Christmas ornament giveaway couldn't have been more perfect. She selected the winner last week, when I was gearing up to decorate my home in full force for the holidays!  My winnings arrived in the mail just a couple of days after I assembled the tree and turned my little home into Christmas heaven, so the ornament was easy to stick right in with everything else.

Thanks again, ladies - I truly enjoyed all of my goodies!  My husband can't believe all of the stuff that keeps coming in the mail - I think he's getting suspicious, wondering if I'm shopping all the time! I have told him, "it's from a bloggy friend" too many times to count. You are all so awesome!

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Georgia said...

What great gifts! Lucky you xxx

flip flops and pearls said...

YAY!!!!! What a load of goodies you received!

So glad your arrived and you loved it all. You can link this post up when I do the linky. May do it for the weekend not sure:) but most likely, lol.

Also, run over and link up to my Home Tour Tuesday sista!

Rebekah said...

What fun!!

Kerri said...

Great gifts! I like the kitty potholder!

Abundance Yeah said...

Great Blog! New follower from blog hop http://www.abundanceyeah.blogspot.com/

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm glad you got the ornament and that you liked it!!

Faith said...

that is awesome! that is so funny that your hubs is getting suspicious of all the stuff you are getting in the mail. i wonder if i could say that to my hubs and if he would buy it. haha, probably not!

Heather said...

You lucky girl with all those gifts! I love the ornament!

LivKit said...

Look at all the cuteness!

Brittany said...

LEEE OOOOO VEEEE the ornament and packages! Perfect combo! :) Cant wait for my swap-a-roo!!!