Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Big 2-7. In 2 Days.

That's right. The celebration has already started! My momma kicked things off by sending me this via Macy's:
The ck one "blockbuster" gift set - which will last me a long while!  ck one is one of my all-time favorite scents; I haven't worn it in years, and mentioned something to my mom a few months ago about going back to the old faithful sometime soon, as I was running out of Abercrombie "Fierce" (that's right - I like to smell manly when I'm not doused in Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel or Twilight Woods!)

Anyway, continuing on with the celebration:

Today was my "party" at work - my co-workers are too awesome!

Gotta love my co-workers for decorating the hallway by my office door! "Bears"... haha!

A gift from my supervisor! She knows me well!

Cream-Cheese Pumpkin Bars

Blackberry Cobbler

Triple Fudge Cake

If you're wondering, I had a "my eyes are bigger than my stomach" piece of each dessert!
And finally, the card from my crew:

My Birthday was celebrated at the office a couple of days early due to "important party guests" not being able to attend tomorrow and/or Friday.  And you know, I'm the baby of the bunch... so of course they've all gotta show up at the baby's party! OR ELSE!

I wrapped things up by doing a little something special for myself. Prepare yourselves - if you thought I was crazy before, you're really going to think I'm crazy now. Hate all you want:

It's Christmastime in my office! YAY!

I hope you all are having a great week!  I'm a bit busier than usual, but it's my birthday week so i'll be back to party both tomorrow and Friday! And YOU'RE invited!
Stay tuned!

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Ashley said...

How exciting! That cake looks amazing! Love the Christmas decorations! Mine are going up pretty soon too!

Rebekah said...

How fun! Those desserts look awesome!

I'm in love with the decorations. I can't wait until we can decorate our house!

Aimee said...

Yay!! Thats awesome that you are stsarting early. You should have a bday week (if not month). Awesome momma

Yay for the bday office party. You must work in a great environment. Yummy desserts, awesome decorations, and a kick ass present.

Since its your bday soon I will forgive you for the Christmas too early sin

Anonymous said...

What a great little birthday party! And I am soooo jealous that your Christmas stuff is up, I'm just waiting for my roommate to let me put mine up!

Kelly said...

Aww, what a GREAT office party!! :-D The blackberry cobbler looks soooo delicious (not to mention the chocolate cake too!!) CK One brings me instantly back to 7th grade-- love it!! Hope you have a great birthday!!

Amy said...

How nice of your coworkers! The desserts look awesome :)

Faith said...

your co-workers are so sweet!

i won't be around a computer on your actual birthday (traveling) so wishing you an early happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I love CK One. I wore it for a really long time and then it started to give me a headache. Maybe I will try it again. Glad I saw this. And that triple fudge cake looks amazing!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my goodness! That triple Chocolate cake looks amazing!! I love your tree!!!!

flip flops and pearls said...

oh lawdy, that all looks delish!!!

What a sweet group of co-workers you have!!!!!

And I'd put up a tree now if the tree lots were open:)

The Green Eyed Lady Blog said...

LOL love the decorations! You have some AWESOME coworkers!! I hope to one day work with a group that is awesome like that!!!

Sunny & Star said...

Your coworkers are so sweet.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

This was a great post. I loved seeing the delicious things to eat.

Heather said...

What sweet coworkers you have!! I can't wait to decorate my office for Christmas, although it may be a little closet to Christmas before I get to!