Monday, November 15, 2010

O' Christmas Tree (part I)

This past weekend, I spent an entire day on one project that most probably won't bother with until Thanksgiving or after.  Most may only spend an hour or two; I spent quite a few more than that. Some think I'm crazy; others think I'm awesome.  Are you excited to see my Christmas tree? Or are you rolling your eyes?

Truth be told, I know i'm ahead of the game. I'm aware that I should be sticking turkey-bird decorations around my kitchen, because that's what the calendar tells me to do.  The only problem is... Wal-mart is telling me otherwise! Seriously, though - I put up my tree a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving each and every year, because I leave town during the holidays.  I skip out of Athens for 4-5 days during the week of Thanksgiving, and again for a few days surrounding Christmas. Since I'm missing out on my home and Christmas decorations for 10 days or so during the holiday season, it's ok to put up my tree a week or two prior to Thanksgiving, right?  Right

In O' Christmas Tree (Part I), I'm going to share my magical tree and all of its' wonder with my readers. Some of you have been waiting for a while now, so today you're welcome to visit my home and check out some of my favorite ornaments! 

O' Christmas Tree (Part II) is going to be a little less cheer, a little more rant. Anti-Christmas Decor before Thanksgiving-ers, take note - it's a blog post especially for you. Only I'm not welcoming you into my home - you can stand on the doorstep, in the cold! I might offer you some hot cocoa, though - I'm not that mean. (Part II comes later this week.)

And now, it's time to get Christmas-y!

"The Story of my Christmas Tree"
by Stephanie S.

'Twas the morning of putting up the Christmas Tree, and all through the town of Athens,  not a creature was stirring- except for the lady at Starbucks who made my Peppermint Mocha at 9:00am.  "Whipped Cream?" she asked - "Hell Yes", I answered. Ok, not really. I just said "yeah, thanks." But "Hell Yes" sounds way cooler. Anyway,
The Fake tree branches were separated with care, in hopes that gigantic millipedes wouldn't fall out everywhere. True story.  Last year, a 3-inch long millipede camoflaged itself in my tree, then inched its way across my floor and onto the couch. You never know what you're gonna find in the rolling hills of Southeastern Ohio...

500 Clear Lights were nestled all snug in their fake tree branches, while visions of anger and frustration danced in my head as i attempted to un-tangle 3 sets of gold beads. Gold bead garland is a tradition in my family, as they were my brothers' favorite tree decoration growing up. So I shoved a candy cane in my mouth and continued on, because I love my brother. :)  ...  and out on the coffee table, I laid out all of my ornaments - well, they were on the floor, too.  And everywhere else.  Because I'm ridiculous. And weird.  I sprang up and down the tree, strategically hanging the ornaments so the tree wouldn't tip over and make a loud clatter.

OK, enough of the Night Before Christmas thing - it's getting difficult and stupid and you're probably losing respect for me. 

Basically, following the lights and gold beads, I added blue. My dad's favorite color was blue, and for some reason, my tree lacked blue in years past.  This year, I purchased some new additions - Carolina blue snowflakes to tuck deep into the branches, and a few darker hued blue bulbs featuring glittery wintry/deer scenes. And so the ornament hanging had begun!

I collect Marshall University ornaments, ornaments that look sweet, sugary, and edible, and I dearly love Hallmark Keepsake ornaments as well.  As far as a color scheme, I don't really keep one running - I just like things that are shiny and bright. The shinier and brighter, the better! When choosing new items to add each year, I make sure that they represent something personal - about me, my family, my life, the things I love. Places we've been, teams we cheer for, my favorite candy, and our favorite tv shows are represented on the tree.  Example: Why would you hang a Twilight Zone TV ornament that lights up and plays the theme music?   - A. Because it represents the 8 New Year's Eve Twilight Zone Marathons on Sci-Fi that I've watched with my husband since we started dating.

Of course, this little fellow was on hand to help in between cat naps.  Surprisingly, he's not the type of kitty to climb and/or tear down trees and destroy ornaments.  He's not a chewer, but he likes to rub his cheeks against the bottom branches.  Occasionally he will throw a lazy jab at a bulb - he's just too fat and tired to do anything else. 

I finished the tree just as it was beginning to get dark outside.  My husband and I went out for a nice piece of fresh grilled salmon and veggies (aka I got my cholesterol-lowering game on), and ended the evening by snacking on some peppermint patties while admiring my tree. Zero gifts are underneath it - and I'm going to keep it that way for a while, I think.  Partly because - well, I'm not quite ready to start shopping for and wrapping gifts yet.  But mostly because Diego likes sleeping underneath it.

Below are some of my favorite "parts" of the tree - enjoy!


Have you put up your tree yet?  What is its' theme?

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MiMi said...

I think it's pretty! I love Christmas trees, and having artificial ones means you can put em up whenever you want and leave em up ALL YEAR if you want! :)
I don't have a theme. I used to before I had kids, but now I'm too lazy. :)

Amber said...

it's so cute!!! I'm just so not ready for christmas!! lol. After this weekend I can go all Christmasy though, but not until the state football game is over. :) Plus now I really want to start finding cute ornaments! :)

Jenny said...

I am putting mine up next week!!!!

Yours looks awesome!!! Love it!

Katie said...

I want to put up a tree but haven't. We usually get a real tree so I would be afraid of it drying out this early.
I'm the same with how I decorate our tree. We have a mish mash of ornaments that don't match but all have a story or memory. When I moved out, my mom gave me a ton of my fave ornaments from my childhood.
I can't wait to start decorating!

Miranda said...

It seems like a LOT of people are putting their tree up early this year - and it's NOT helping my Christmas fever! HA HA! I'm so pumped for Christmas, and this post has sent me over the edge :-) My husband already told me, "NO TREE UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING".. :-( LoL

Lori said...

I've already got my stocking hung! My tree is next! Love your cat! It's adorable!

Rebekah said...

Girl, you have me SO excited! I love your tree. Our tree doesn't have a theme. We each have our Christmas ornaments from our childhood and I'm slowly adding new ornaments each year. I love the idea of doing that! I think themed trees are fantastic and beautiful, but I want all of my childhood ornaments there!

ty said...

I LOVE the tree!!

Amanda said...

No tree for me till the first weekend of December. We cut down a live tree so I have to wait a few more weeks.

My boyfriends sister has a tree farm, so we get first pick on a really pretty tree.

I don't have a theme, just ornaments I've collected over the years. I bought the LED lights last year and want to get some garland this year!

Kerri said...

You are so funny Steph! Love that you are sooooooo excited about your tree! I think it's a FANTASTIC idea that you put it up early since you will be away some during the holidays.
Before we had our son, we used to do a pretty tree...but now we have all the ornaments he's made and others we collected that have special meaning to us. It's way better than our "pretty" tree!

Heather said...

I must say, I absolutely adore your tree =). You have officially gotten me into the Christmas spirit!

Brittany said...

I'm waiting until the day after christmas, and even though we will have a christmas tree as a family I Think Aidyn and I will have our own in our basement apartment! I want to be able to take out my decorations and decorate a tree with just Aidyn and I! Plus I love my silver decorations!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love it!!!! It looks great Steph!!!

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

My cats do the exact same thing! Once there are gifts under there, they love it even more.

Great decor! Merry (early) Christmas!

Katie said...

YAY! I love this time of year and you are not too ahead of me. I was listening to "Holly" on satellite radio and drinking my ginerbread lattee! Sooooo yummy.

I want to put mine up soon, but we have to wait until the tree lots open here. Mine theme is traditional with red and gold ribbons all around it. I guess I do it because that's what I grew up with :) You pumped me up!

lil desiqua said...

love the ornaments! I buy a real tree, so we go tree shopping after Thanksgiving- too much upkeep before!
I've never heard of having a theme, but definitely thinking of ideas now!

Nice blog!

Miss Janice said...

What a great definitely know how to tell a story!:) Love your tree!!! My trees definitely have themes. I'm decorating one with lime green and red dots. Another one will be fleur de lis, and another one will be feathers and gold ornaments.

Brittany Ann said...

We haven't done it yet (the hubs won't let me) but I say, Go for it! It's beautiful!

flip flops and pearls said...

How'd I miss this? Did you add it later, lol??

Gurl, your comment made me LOL, come on whenever you want!! Pack up and come on!

Love your tree and that cat!!! LOVE!

flip flops and pearls said...

How'd I miss this? Did you add it later, lol??

Gurl, your comment made me LOL, come on whenever you want!! Pack up and come on!

Love your tree and that cat!!! LOVE!

Diana said...

(I see I have a lot of reading to catch up on.)

I love Christmas and decorating for it. My tree isn't up yet but should be by next weekend! A few years ago my theme was all Gold, Pink/Mauve/Burgundy ornaments. But for the last 3 years it's changed to Primitive/Country.

star said...

I put up my tree about 2 weeks ago! My theme is "Let it snow", and I am using blue, silver and white! Your tree looks amazing! I see you love Christmas as much as I do! I hope you can join me on my blog for 25 Days of Christmas