Monday, November 29, 2010

25 Days of Christmas

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!  I spent a few days in WV and ate way too much, too many days in a row. I made time in between the face-stuffing to sneak around my mom's house and take a few pics of her cozy decor, which I'll share later this week.  Trust me, you'll want to visit her and stay awhile!

Today kicks off the "25 Days of Christmas" hosted by Star and Jmo.  If you're a Christmas fanatic like I am, then you're sure to love the daily blog topics Star and Jmo have chosen! The first topic of the countdown is: Christmas Decorations.
Currently, my Christmas decor is a jumble of things - a little bit modern, a crap ton of glitter and sparkly things, a childish piece here and there, and some folksy primitive style weaved through.  Does it work? Ehh... I make it work. For now.  My tree is definitely a keeper; however, I plan to phase out the remainder of the decor and gradually replace it with pieces that are clean, cheery, and modern.  Since I will be living somewhere completely different next year, I want a fresh, new look for the Holiday season.  Here are some examples of holiday decor that are currently inspiring my future "Christmas Decoration Revamp":

Marimekko Bedding Collection, Crate & Barrel
Ornaments, CB2

Fiestaware in Christmas Tree Pattern, Shamrock,
and Scarlet, Homer Laughlin China Co.

Vintage inspired ornaments and glass bead garland, Restoration Hardware

Can you tell that I love Crate & Barrel?

Vintage inspired garland, Restoration Hardware

Outdoor decor, Pottery Barn

Ahh... how's that for cheery holiday inspiration? 
You can check out my Christmas tree here.

Tomorrow, I'll be featuring the work of a super talented artist, Carrie Lawson.  She and I grew up in the same small county in West Virginia, and graduated from the same high school.  For someone who has had no formal training, Carrie produces phenomenal, powerful artwork that is keeping her very busy this holiday season.  I can't wait to share her positive spirit and talent with you!

Have a great Monday, and be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 2 of "25 Days of Christmas"!

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star said...

Oh my all these pictures are gorgeous! I love your inspiration! Pottery Barn's outdoor decor picture looks straight out of a movie! Thanks for linking up lady! This is so fun!

ty said...

The outdoor decor make me audibly gasp in class.

love jenny xoxo said...

so cute! I love the outside pottery barn pic, I was looking at that in their catalog yesterday... so pretty!


Kerri said...

You're making me wish I had all new Christmas decorations!

Miranda said...

This is SO FUN! This makes me wanna go search for a Christmas Decor Makeover! :-)

Sunny & Star said...

I love those pictures. Wonderful inspriation. Like you my Christmas decorations is a complete mixture of everything. I'm very noncommital with the direction I want to go with decorations so I always end up with a little of everything. Maybe during the next few years I will refine it.

Lynnie said...

I have never been to a Crate-N-Barrel. Obviously I am not living my life to its fullest. :(

HulaBuns said...

Love seeing your inspirations! I think my fav pic is the one of the vintage ornaments - LOVE them!

Faith said...

ahhh, these pictures are amazing! what inspirations! it stinks because i want to buy all new decorations for Christmas but it is just not smart .. so i make it work right now too! haha.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love all of that, especially those vintage looking ornaments!!! I love your tree!

Emma said...

How pretty! I especially love the outdoor shot with the garlands on the porch; I a sucked for a red and white color combination.

And, what I wouldn't give to have a kitchen with a red stand mixer. Love love love!

P.S. I love the 25 days of Christmas series, but don't have time to do it. :( I will be sure to check in on yours though!