Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 Things that make me Smile - Writer's Workshop

Time for some Mama Kat!  Her writing prompts were awesome this week - I nearly chose more than just one!

List of 10 things that are sure to put a smile on your face
when you're not happy:

  1. My husband! He has a terrific sense of humor (and surprisingly, doesn't make me unhappy - like - EVER.  Well, except for when he tells me all about Karl Marx' skin boils, and other Marxist facts from his dissertation research.)
  2. Diego.  My housecat is the biggest, prettiest yellow tabby tomcat with an even bigger personality - and the cutest little boy cat face ever! I can't help but smile when he looks up with his big golden eyes and "meeps" at me.
  3. Chocolate.  The more the better, please! When I'm upset, i prefer it in the form of something ooey-gooey and packed with calories (Applebees' Triple Chocolate Meltdown, Cold Stone Creamery "chocolate devotion", warm chocolate chip cookies.) Chocolate. Fixes. Everything.
  4. The Office - Every single episode cracks me up! However, Steve Carrell's departure after Season 7 puts a big frown on my face.
  5. Sports.  Football, Basketball, Baseball, the Olympics... I generally enjoy it all! I love football season the most, and love attending sporting events of all types - except the ones when Marshall is losing! (I love my Thundering Herd!)
  6. Anything Green! Adding to #5 above, I love green. I became obsessed with it while a student @ Marshall University.  Any shade'll do - I even love pea green! Forest Green, Kelly Green, Lime Green... Just give me something green and I'll be your friend forever.
  7. Christmas.  The smells, the decorations, the music... if it's Christmas related, I'm one happy woman!  I love the smell of a cinnamon candle burning during the holiday season - while drinking hot chocolate and plotting gift lists, addressing greeting cards, and listening to Michael buble' croon "Let it snow" in the background. Yep, I'm smiling just thinking about it!
  8. My mom's cooking - I don't have it very often nowadays, but her cooking is amazing.  She's Paula Dean - seriously, anything from a simple grilled cheese or hamburger to Thanksgiving dinner is SO comforting and good.  She always uses real butter and real sugar, and cooks with a whole lotta love.
  9. New Projects! I love brainstorming and coming up with new ideas.  Browsing online, in catalogs, and in magazines for new home decor trends and pretty patterns is just the beginning - I start smiling really big once i've been inspired, and then the real fun begins - I start creating! *SMILE*!
  10. Reading blogs (of course!) All of my favorite bloggers always make me smile.  Blogs are so fun, creative, inspiring, and full of life - I'm so glad I found my way into this world!
There you have it!  10 things guaranteed to make me smile when Mr. sad face is around.
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annechovie said...

Great list, Stephanie! Hope you have a very happy 4th.

Kerri said...

Hi Steph! Great list...we have a lot of things in common!

Thanks for finding my I could find YOURS! :)

Love your blog header...very cute!

Sharon Cohen said...

I just hopped in from the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop. I'm looking forward to the rewards of following your blog.

I have a greeting card shop for wives on Zazzle that you might want to browse from my blog. Please accept my invitation to follow me back at

Melissa B. said...

Diego looks like a yummy kitty! I wonder if he would get along with our gal, Pepper? I just realized you're in Athens. Ohio U., correctamundo? My youngest is considering OU for grad school...she thinks she wants to be a photojournalist. Quick Question: Do you think The Office will still be good if Steve C. leaves?

Bec said...

Following you from Welcome Wednesday! Hope you can follow me back! :)

Design it Chic said...

I am now following you thanks to Welcome Wednesday and it would be nice if you could share back the love here! Also i see that you're having your navigation bar up there and i know how to make it hidden and share that with everybody on the blog! Check it out if you want to know how to do that too:)
Happy Welcome Wednesday!

Melly said...

Chocolate always makes me happy too!

*Stopped over from Mama Kat's.

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest said...

I am pretty much obsessed with new projects,so I can relate to that one. My little fur babies keep me rather entertained too.

Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Kimi@SoManyKids said...

I know there were some words up there, cause I was reading them and then BAM...chocolate ice cream goodness...and now my brain is frozen. I need that. Like, yesterday.

Stef said... I love it too. And my kids like it tooo mostly because I like it.,,but I digress. I think it is great that you have team spirit! Whoot!