Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Commercial that made me Cry

While getting ready for work this morning, I saw a commercial on the television that actually brought tears to my eyes (no, it wasn't the Sarah McLaughlin ASPCA one - which has made me cry on several occasions).  I had no idea that Dawn dishwashing liquid was used to wash wildlife affected by the oil spill, but it makes sense - Dawn is gentle and cuts grease. Dawn has started a new campaign to benefit the wildlife being pulled from the gulf, covered in that grotesque, nasty and deadly oil.  The advertisement shows various animals covered in gook being washed with dishwashing liquid, and I swear, i almost completely started bawling when I saw the precious little things being rinsed clean - their sparkling, happy little eyes brought tears to my own.  I'm way more aware of rhetoric and how all of the different components of an advertisement are used to persuade an audience - thanks to my husband who is a few short months away from being a doctor in Comp/Rhet - so I'm always watching commercials with a critical eye.  However... this one GOT me. I'm a faithful Dawn Direct Foam user, because after all, "one pump and the dishes are done".  This product, along with the original bottles of Dawn dishwashing liquid, are part of Dawn's saving wildlife campaign.  Buy a bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid, visit Dawn's website, activate the $1 donation code printed on the back of the bottle, and feel a little bit better about yourself for helping wildlife affected by the Gulf oil spill.  Just look for the bottles with the adorable ocean critters on the front. 

I don't claim to be a super duper animal rights activist - however, It does break my heart to hear of or see animals that are being abused, neglected, or endangered in some way.  I actually try not to think about it, because it would totally depress me. 

The situation in the Gulf is particularly troubling, and I hope, along with everyone else, that it gets resolved as soon as humanly possible. 

Now get out there and buy your bottle of Dawn.

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Brittany said...

Those commercials make me tear up too! Poor innocent little animals!

Alga martine said...

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