Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

This week, I'm hopping on the Wishful Wednesday bandwagon over @TheSeattleSmiths.

Kelsey's wishful writing prompt is:

'I wish'... I hadn't lost _____!!!

I wish I hadn't lost the horsehoe necklace my husband bought me for an anniversary gift a few years ago.  It was white gold, a tiny little diamond horseshoe, and I loved it so much!  I'm pretty sure it is laying around the streets of Columbus, Ohio somewhere - well, probably not anymore, as I'm sure a crack dealer has gotten ahold of it and sold it by now. I noticed the necklace was missing from around my neck after my husband and I got home from a day trip to Columbus with a friend.  This particular friend keeps his car very clean, so I know it's not stuck in the seat somewhere - nope, I believe the necklace got wrapped up with my scarf and probably just fell off as we trotted up and down High Street and OSU's campus all day long.  I still look for it - everytime I move a piece of furniture that i haven't cleaned behind for a while, I have hope that it will magically appear.  No such luck yet - but we will be moving out of our apartment in a year or so, which causes me to hold out some hope on finding my horseshoe underneath the bed.

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Bloggin in PA said...

ohmygosh! My lost thing was a necklace too!

Anonymous said...

That's so sad. I'm sorry about your necklace! I hope you do find it when you move.

Thanks for becoming a follower, and for your recent comments on my blog. :)

Brittany said...

:) such a bummer! I lost a special necklace as well, but i'm not sure where! Like you, I hope to find it every time I move things around!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Just came across your blog, and see you're in Ohio...? Me too :)

So sorry about your necklace, it sounds really pretty.

Kelly's Avenue said...

I lost some earrings regret it everyday

New follower
Thanks for stopping by my blog

Bethany said...

GRRR...I hope you find it!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Isn't it depressing how easily jewelry gets lost, UGH!!!