Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Bloggy Design! :)

Ahhh... nothing like a blog makeover! Throughout the past couple of months of being a newbie blogger, I've been inspired in tons of ways by the many blogs I regularly follow or stumble upon.  I've found that my favorites are lighthearted and "breezy" with light color themes and subtle graphics, so I decided to go that route with my own blog design - hope you enjoy!  I certainly enjoyed creating it - I love playing with Photoshop!  I definitely think this is more "Stephanie" - and if you look closely, you will discover that my header is composed entirely of Crate & Barrel patterns (go ahead - visit their website and take a look at the bedding and rugs!)

I will post a short recap and photos from the Adam Lambert/Glam Nation Tour later this week - I didn't get very many terrific photos (I was laser beamed for 3 hours straight - seriously, Adam LOVES his light shows and sparkly special effects), but my friend & I had a terrific time.  He is extremely talented and an exciting entertainer.  I know his style isn't exactly up everyone's alley, but for those who are fans, I would highly suggest trying to catch the Glam Nation tour this summer :)

Final preparations are in order for my Etsy shop!  I took photos of my items tonight, and will weed through them to pick the absolute best tomorrow evening.  I hope to have things up and running within the next week - I can't wait to share my little projects with you! 

My sense of humor is non-existent tonight - I'm still dead from the concert/getting home late, and a day full of work.  Hopefully I'll get back to normal tomorrow!

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The Tucci's! said...

VERY CUTE!!!! I really wish I could make my own :-)