Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Glam Nation Tour Recap

It's about time that I fill you in on the concert I attended Monday night!  Adam Lambert's sold out "Glam Nation Tour" rolled into Columbus on 6/14, where lots of American Idol/Adam fans stood in a line that stretched across downtown C-bus for hours, waiting on Season 8's runner-up to "Strut" his stuff - and that's exactly what he did. 
The show was held at the Community Lifestyles Pavilion, which is a standing room only indoor/outdoor facility. All tickets were general admission, so it was "every Adam fan for him/herself".  My friend and I arrived at around 5:30, and hopped in line.  We chatted with a great group of Adam fans - all of which were middle-aged women who would happily leave their husbands and kids behind should Adam begin dating women and ask them to come on the road with him. Yes, seriously - women LOVE him.  I love him - but not like these women!  During the chit chat, I learned that Adam applies his eyeliner, then a layer of eye shadow over the liner, then another layer of eyeliner for staying power (one lady knew all of his makeup secrets - she read them in a British Magazine interview.)

Once inside the Pavilion, we rushed up the stairs to the upper level - I can never see over others' heads when i'm in the floor - it has something to do with that whole 'being short' thing.  We found our places and pretty much stood in the same spot for three hours... lots of fans were fighting for a closer view, but like my friend repeatedly said to every person around her - "Ya Snooze, Ya Lose" (which made me laugh every single time for some reason.) 

Allison Iraheta, the cute red-head from AI Season 8 (who placed 3rd) opened the show.  She is a total firecracker on stage - so much better than she was on American Idol!  Orianthi was also part of the opening act (you may remember her as the blond lead guitarist in Michael Jackson's This is It.)  Both artists rocked it out, but nothing compared to Adam...

Adam's set featured tons of fog and seizure-inducing laser light effects, along with a bunch of other "Glam" stuff (surprise, surprise!).  He ran through his entire album, For Your Entertainment, with the exception of two songs, and even squeezed in that eastern-inspired version of "Ring of Fire" that everyone either REALLY loved - or REALLY hated - when he performed it on American Idol (honestly, he scared me with that AI performance.)  GLAMberts sang along to every single song, but skipped the really high notes - which Adam hit right on every single time.  I especially loved his dramatic, slower performances.  He's really great at entertaining, and by the end of the concert I had a newfound respect for him.  I didn't get great photos - my concert photos always look like a big flaming, glowing ball of crap - but I have some great memories!

The most surprising - and oddly satisfying - thing about the whole concert was the audience.  I assumed that everyone attending the concert would have glittered and glammed it up with black hair, lots of leather, tons of sequins, face paint, you get the idea.  Umm, NO?  There were only a few Adam lookalikes in the crowd, which mostly consisted (and when i say "mostly", i mean like, 95% or more) of your average adult - no funky costumes, just a few thousand people who love American Idol and adore everything about Adam. I am very grateful that I was a part of the Columbus Audience, and I look forward to watching Adam (and Allison, and Orianthi) succeed and fill larger venues in the future.  Glam Nation Tour = Lots of positive energy and GREAT fun!

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Anonymous said...

Many, many thanks for the concert Steph!! It was well worth everything we endured during the whole experience!! I am a GLAMbert fan all the way and I do hope to see him again one day, because he is truly an amazing and talented artist!! Thanks again!!