Monday, June 7, 2010

Get ready to Crack 'em Up!

The new Hallmark Card Contest began today. "Crack 'em up" calls for FUNNY. When it comes to greeting cards, I am so NOT funny. Anyway, I dug up a photo that makes me laugh out loud every single time i see it - and figured it would do the same for someone else (maybe?) So you can imagine how prepared I felt, being a Hallmark contest second-timer and all, as I submitted my entry early this a.m. I feel that my photo and the text fit together perfectly (and I'll definitely share later this week, after Hmark's first round of "flurries" on Facebook - don't want to give away my little idea too soon!)
So anyway, as I'm checking over the Hallmark FB Wall, I read that there's a computer glitch of sorts, and all participants can enter up to six times in this single contest instead of just picking one sub-category and entering once! One entry per sub-category... which means, you have six different opportunities to win. SIX. That is a lot - it will sex-tuple the entries (that is six, right? triple, quadruple, quintuple... sextuple... lol) but still... six ideas? Which at first seemed really EXCITING. But then.. i realized, that is a hella lotta work! Most of my Hmark pals are as equally freaked out as I am, but I think every single one of us are game. Sub-categories are: Congratulations, Get Well, Friendship, Love, Miss You, and Thank You. I can't wait to brainstorm and get to work this evening. This, on top of all that sign painting I'm doing! My head is spinning...
my dearest blog fans, you have got to give this contest a shot! Anyone should be able to come up with an idea for at least one of the sub-categories - please please PLEASE go to the Hallmark Contests website, read the details, look at past winners to get some ideas, and go for it - it's so stinking FUN!!! It takes some time to put your thoughts together and develop a great idea, but the entry process is quick & simple. I know my Hallmark buds are thinking, "Noooo stephanie, no more new recruits! We'll have six times as many entries anyway (sextuple haha)!" Or maybe not - maybe they're like me, and want some new card-crazy friends to be Hallmark Contest Obsessed with. Anyway... DO IT. You have to. New Rule: If you read my blog, you must enter the Crack 'em up contest. You have until June 28th!
So, the sign painting is coming along. I contacted the Addison Visitor's Center in Webster Springs - some of my West Virginia State themed signs will be on sale there, beginning in late June/July! I'm also hard at work, analyzing and planning for my Etsy store. I'm still working to find the best shipping price for customers. As always, I'll keep you posted!
I read the Eclipse novella on Sunday afternoon - it was super short, but just enough to get me really excited for my midnight showing in a few weeks! I'm going to re-read Eclipse before the movie hits theaters - I need to refresh my memory a little bit.
That's about all for Monday - work, gym, post office, home, shower, cook, paint, Bachelorette, think about Hallmark card designs while watching Bachelorette... I have a headache! But it is... a good one. There is a such thing.
Have a super day, everyone!

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Aimee said...

I need to refresh myself on some Twilight too.

I am very much not creative at all but I will pass this idea onto my boyfriend who is very creative and maybe he will join in. Then I can chronicle his ideas on my blog and live vicariously though him LOL.

Glad to hear the sign painting is going well, that is so cool that some of them will be for sale in that visitor center, look at you!