Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekend Review

This past weekend:

My mom and step-dad came to Athens for a little visit!
We did a little eating out, browsed the farmer's market, enjoyed some downtime just hanging around and chatting, and of course, mom and I hit up and tore up the B&B Works Sale! We had a great time, and this will probably be one of the last times they come to visit Athens, since we will be moving sometime next Spring.

I listed a couple of new items on Etsy!
 I feel like I'm getting better and better at this sign painting thing.  Taylor Swift inspired one, while the other just came straight from my creative little mind (and green is my favorite color.)
P.S. - I sold my first item! Hot Dog!!! It's so nice to know that others enjoy my creations - that's what makes it all worthwhile. (Thanks to the buyer - you're a wonderful little woman!)

I'm currently brainstorming for some ideas that aren't wooden signs, but would be a fun, nice addition to my shop.  I'm headed toward paper products, specifically stationary/greeting cards and chick friendly art prints.  Any suggestions?

Other Tidbits:
  • I watched Dear John for the first time since seeing it in theaters - and this time, I teared up way more, almost as much as when I read the book. AND, I was ironing while watching! (maybe the ironing is why i cried so much...)  Am I the only one that is more saddened by Mr. Tyree's character (John's father) than the actual love story between John and Savannah?  Richard Jenkins did an amazing job as Mr. Tyree.
  • My iPhone is doing exceptionally well.  Just thought I would update you on that.  I think i'm going to give it a name - after all, it's kinda like my new best friend!  I will happily take name suggestions.
  • I'm enjoying every second of the cheerful, cute, and stylish "Shoe Addicts Anonymous" - and, considering I found it on the bargain shelf at Borders, I'm extremely satisfied :)  I think I want to try out some Sophie Kinsella... I know that when I do, I will never look back!  Which Sophie book should I read first?

I hope you had a great weekend, too!  Happy MONDAY (seriously!)

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Ashley said...

Love your painted signs! They are super cute!

Aren't iPhones amazing?! I've had one right about a month and I think it is seriously the greatest thing ever invented! :)

Brittany said...

Love your signs! So cute! Congrats on selling your first one!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay for selling your first sign! Are you doing custom orders as well?

Don't you just love the iphone? It's great!

LambAround said...

Greetings from Lamb! Thank you for stopping by to show me some bloggy love. It was quite a shock to wake up and discover that I’d been featured on SITS, especially with my face covered in sticky cinnamon! Now I have lots of fun new blogs to explore. If you do try out my face mask, be sure to take a photo and email it to me. I’ll feature you in a post with a link to your blog :)

LambAround’s latest post: My Awkward Family Photo

Off to check out your Etsy site. Isn't Etsy fabulous? :)

Random Musings Of My Life said...

yay for your first sale!

Tye said...

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