Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Totally Awesome Cool Stuff

All of the following items caused me to smile, drool, giggle, or grunt in appreciation when I stumbled upon them:

Quite possibly the cutest stainless steel water bottle i've seen - this would make anyone look cute at the gym, even the gross tread-milling lady that doesn't wear a sports bra!

This is the mirror for the person who doesn't give a $H#* how he or she looks today

Cute and classy leather sleeves for your Iphone. I don't have an Iphone. I am sad.

A candy dish that looks like an opened Ziplock baggie??? HAHA

How could you not have fun at the office if you had an Alligator Staple Puller?

This AIN'T your Aunt Sally's Wicker Furniture... LUUUUV IT!

Little people, to tack up your most important documents!

And now, where to find these cool little items:
Daisy Print Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $5, OldNavy. Perspective Mirror, $150, cb2. Leather IPhone Sleeve, $38, Horchow. Unzipped Glass Bag, $19, and Crocodile Staple Puller, $7, Perpetual Kid. Wicker Olivine Dining Chair, $79, Crate&Barrel. People Push Pins (Set of 20), $3, cb2.


Kelly and Sara said...

Somedays I wish I had that mirror in my bathroom haha

The Tucci's! said...

ha ha! These are so adorable!! I love posts like this :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love the unzipped glass bag! I might actually have to find that and get it!