Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Free-Write #2

It's Friday... FINALLY! I've had a busy week. Work has definitely kept me on my toes throughout the last few days. My co-workers are learning to be resourceful, and unfortunately, I'm their resource for a lot of random stuff (usually computer-related). At the end of the day, after work, exercise, and dinner, I'm pretty much brain-dead. Anyway, I'm glad to be back in bloggy-land, and I'm predicting that this will be full of random thoughts.
On Tuesday, I traveled to a training in Columbus. I go to the same one every year - it's presented by my agency's national accrediting agency (can I use "agency" twice in one phrase?) and is a summary of business practice updates that we need to be aware of for the next fiscal year. Fabulous. I've done this four times now: same muffins, same juices, same weather (RAIN), same presenter, same training schedule typed in the same font (comic sans), same folders, same nametag (they make us recycle), same people, same stupid questions, same stupid answers. The only thing different this year was the location - but, I had been at that location before, for some other training on "benchmarking" (whatever that is). I've learned over the years that there are more breaks and eating than actual training at these things... I also learned that, at this particular training, "if you're going to wear something to the beach, you shouldn't wear it to the office". The hoity-toity lady gabbing about this during our lunch break was referring to those cute bermuda short suits you see in today's fashion magazines. Has she picked up a magazine lately? I'm thinking not, because she was dressed in a big long cream colored tweed shoulder-padded blazer with 80's pants pulled up to her chin, and big pink dots of blush all over her cheeks. Anyway, she continued griping about how lax dress codes are nowadays, and how everyone's wearing jeans every day of the week. And then, she continued on... jumping to Facebook, which she trashed non-stop for like 15 minutes. All the while i'm stabbing at my horribly undercooked chicken breast. Dress Code and Facebook are my two least favorite topics to discuss in the business casual working world, and I know this is because of the generation gap I come face to face with every single day. I see it - that gap - and how wide it is... so very wide. I think dress codes are fine - but I believe that if given the choice between ironed, dark rinse, well-fitting jeans with a classy pair of flats or heels, versus ill-fitting, wrinkly-a$$ khakis that are fraying at the bottom hem, I believe the jeans would be the most professional choice when it comes to "business casual". And Facebook? Let's just say this - if you suspect your employees are using it to contact clients, and you believe some unethical shizz is going down, grow some balls, then check their computer history, confirm your suspicions, confront, and DESTROY! Otherwise, shut the heck up... now I'm all heated!

I finally got my little toosh to the gym on Wednesday, where I couldn't stop watching some lady doing arm circles while riding the eliptical machine. I was amazed at her incredible balancing act, as well as the tufts of hair under her arms... kinda gross, I.M.O.! This wasn't stubble... it looked like Donald Trump's head! Yes, the Donald's head.. underneath each of her arms. Anyway, while I was analyzing said lady's armpits, I worked out for 75 minutes. And another 75 on Thursday. Then I went to Applebees and dive-bombed into a bowl of Three-Cheese-Chicken-Penne, because it was Friday-EVE and Todd's been doing some fantastic writing on his diss, so we had to celebrate somehow! I went home and took two fish oil capsules to balance out the cholesterol I ingested at dinner, LOL (I probably should have taken the whole bottle of fish oil.)
One of the most exciting parts of my week (seriously) was the release of the 2010 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Catalog online! My wishlist is made, and I've figured out my payment plan... I love Christmas Ornaments dearly, and Hallmark "ornies" are one of my favorite indulgments. Indulgents. Indulgaments... WHAT is the word??? For Pete's sake... INDULGENCES! Anyway, I have several favorites, but I literally fell in love at first site with The Dwight Schrute Bobblehead... I LOVE THE OFFICE! And I just started watching it this year (As of now, I've watched all of Seasons 1-4... ready to buy Season 5)! So hanging Dwight on my tree will be a perfect symbol of 2010. Ah... the little things.

I haven't been able to take some serious time out and paint something fantastic this week... I'm going to try to get on that this weekend! I will post photos of anything I happen to finish! I'm onto painting wooden signs - surprisingly, it's hard. Wooden signs, in general, are primitive looking and the simple quotes are painted on with a stencil. I'm doing it all free-handed, and trying to come up with other sayings besides "Simplicity", or, "love and happiness"... I like those, but I want to try my hand at something a little different. I'm cooking up a West Virginia/mountain themed sign, so we'll see if my little dream comes alive this weekend - stay tuned!
This week, I posted a facebook status regarding the new Pretzel M&Ms - the response was shockingly huge! So this weekend, be on the lookout for a blog dedicated to the many different kinds of M&Ms, and my "reviews" of each of them. Droooool...
Have a great weekend, my little blogsters!


Denise said...

i highly enjoy reading your blog! :) it's very entertaining. just thought i would like you know. :) & thanks to you..i'm dying to try the pretzle M&Ms..ah!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm just now hearing about these pretzel m&m's for the first time!!! What?!?!

The Tucci's! said...

ha ha ha ha! I can totally picture hairy armpit lady.. whew!