Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pigskin Heartbreak = more Sex in the City!

Last night, early in the 2nd half of the Marshall University vs. Bowling Green State University football game, I retreated - ok, more like seeked refuge - in my cozy bedroom, where I stuck Sex in the City in the DVD player and curled up with a jar full of Dove dark chocolates.  With a sweet yellow tomcat keeping my feet warm and my knock off Louis Vuitton tote full of blog ideas and composition notebooks by my side, I should've felt better.  Right?  Yes - I should've. (Except for the bag.  Most women prefer the authentic Louis.) 
I didn't feel better.
At the time I was wearing a green Marshall hoodie, my knees were covered with a throw, a hand-woven image of the Joan C. Edwards Stadium and the City of Huntington, and I couldn't look up without seeing the degrees that my husband and I together had earned from Marshall, along with all of my MU game day purses and spirit beads hanging on various wall hooks.
I can't get away from it!

Marshall University will always have a piece of my heart.  I love football, but loving the Thundering Herd has been tough as of late (like, the last ten years.) Simply put, my favorite green team is going through a rough patch.  Their games break my heart and drive me to tears.
So last night, as Bowling Green routed Marshall 44-28, I listened to Carrie Bradshaw's wit and wisdom... and made a vow: to take sports a little less seriously and enjoy a little more girl time - a little more *me* time!
So to the guy who commented on my one of last week's posts, "This looks like one of those girly type of blogs", you're damn straight!  I'm a girl that cries over sports, and I also whine when my nail polish smudges, my lipstick bleeds, and I can't find my size in a sweater that I love.  NO MORE football heartbreak!  MORE girl time for myself (and more crying over smudged nail polish!) 

I wonder how this plan will work out for me? I need your encouragement, girls!

P.S. Does anyone else think that Jennifer Hudson's role in STC is super fabulous? Love her!

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Jamie said...

J.Hudson was the BEST part of the movie, hands down! I don't really listen to her music, but I looove her in that role!

Holly Diane said...

Jennifer Hudson was awesome in that movie! I missed her in part 2..I missed the city in part 2 too.

Brittany Ann said...

Heck yes, we're "girl-type" bloggers! And proud of it! It's who we are, and we can't change that! Don't worry! I'm right there with you! And I couldn't agree more!

Micha said...

Definitely loved Jennifer Hudson's role! And sports teams, yeah. We have a sweepstake at my work where each week you 'attempt' to pick the winner and margin of the national rugby cup games (ITM cup its called THIS year, 7 games a week). I always pick with my heart, rather than my head - needless to say I'm pretty much down the bottom of the table ... 'oh well, maybe next year' ... lol

Amber said...

Don't kill me for not getting in STC...I've never ever watched it....but...I loved this post! :) I also love my own Thundering Herd (NDSU) and once upon a time would go ape crazy on game days. NOW---since we moved----we also moved away from the hype. Boo. Glad you had a fun girly time :)

Amanda said...

I'm a football junkie too - Big OSU fan and a big Steelers fan. But I would say I'm pretty girly too - I could go into Macy's and just drool over clothes, cry when a fave pair of shoes gets ruined and get mad when my makeup runs.

Totally feel you on this one!

Faith said...

i LOVED her in the movie! was actually hoping that she would pay the 2nd one a visit ... was so disappointed when she wasn't.

Diana said...

You go Stephanie! Nothing wrong with sports but a girl needs her girl-time too! Enjoy it!!

Brittany said...

:) I love sitc!

:( sad day for your team.. but it could be worse

you could be a vikings fan right now :(