Friday, October 1, 2010

Headin' to WV

Happy Friday, all!  It's OCTOBER!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned, whether you are tailgating at the game, hanging around the house with your fam, or taking a mini-trip somewhere fun. Just a few things:
If you're going shopping, buy me something pretty.  And if you're eating out, please indulge in something rich and sugary, and think of me!

Why I like LOVE October:

And now, for my weekend plans:  I'm taking a break from the football stadium and heading to the West Virginia mountains to see my momma! We're traveling to Beckley on Saturday morning, where I plan to browse a beautiful place called Tamarack.  It's a gorgeous cultural/arts/food/crafts/shopping location where you can find all things West Virginia!

The first week of October is American Craft Week, so there's sure to be a ton of special displays, presentations, and new items in the store. As you all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month - and Tamarack is taking part in raising awareness. I'm looking forward to seeing the "world's longest pink ribbon scarf", which is draped throughout the concourse of the building. You can learn more about Tamarack here, and read more about the world's longest pink ribbon scarf here!

My husband and I both need some quality family time before taking on the remainder of this month.  October is going to be fun but busy - my husband will be mailing out 30+ job applications to various schools across the country (from Portland, Oregon to New York and everywhere above, below, and in between!), we have plenty of football games to attend, there's a trip to Louisville, KY stuck in there somewhere, and HELLO?!? - it's Halloween time! I love it!

Have a great weekend, my friends! And enjoy those Pumpkin Pie Blizzards from DQ!

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Faith said...

I'm so excited for October. It's my most favorite month! October is just the month that begins all the best holidays!

Have fun this weekend!

Katie said...

Have a great time this weekend! We share the same interests when it comes to loving fall... you may have thicker skin than I do, because I can't do scary movies! hah

Kerri said...

Have a wonderful weekend visiting your family!
Thanks for the DQ Pumpkin Blizzard reminder...I am SO there!

Rebekah said...

I love your list about fall! Except for the scary movies part. I can't watch those! Good luck to your husband!

Anonymous said...

E 'vero! L'idea di un buon supporto.
Condivido pienamente il suo punto di vista. L'idea di un buon supporto.

Heather said...

October is my favorite month!! I love your list :).